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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7907 baptism, practice of
7907 baptism, practice of

7907 baptism, practice of

Baptism is associated with repenting of sin, believing the gospel message and becoming a member of Christ’s body.

Baptism is ordained by Jesus Christ himself

Mt 28:19 See also Ac 9:17-18; Ac 16:14-15

Baptism is linked with repentance

Ac 2:38 See also Heb 6:1-2 The “baptisms” referred to here may imply teaching about Jewish rituals or the baptism offered by John the Baptist.

Baptism follows the decision to believe

Ac 2:41; Ac 18:8 See also Ac 8:12-13; Ac 16:31-33

Baptism in the name of God or Jesus Christ

Baptism in or into the name of Jesus Christ Ac 19:5 See also Ac 2:38; Ac 8:16; Ac 10:48

Baptism in the name of the Trinity Mt 28:18-20

Baptism was by immersion

Ro 6:4 The word “buried” implies immersion. See also Ac 8:38

Baptism is linked with the gift of the Holy Spirit

Mk 1:8; Ac 1:5 See also Ac 2:4; Ac 11:16
1Co 12:13 All the Christians at Corinth had been spiritually baptised into Christ and thus united with him.

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit may follow or precede water baptism

See also Ac 8:12-17; Ac 9:17-18; Ac 10:44-48

The person who baptises is of little importance

1Co 1:14 What matters is not who baptises but the Saviour in whose name it is done.

Baptism “for the dead”

1Co 15:29 It is not certain if there was a ceremony of baptism “for the dead” in the NT church, nor whether, if it existed, Paul approved of it.

Passages which may imply infant baptism

The “households” (not merely individuals) may well have included children: Ac 16:15,33; Ac 18:8; 1Co 1:16
Mk 10:13-16; 1Co 7:14; Col 2:11-12 If baptism is here equated with circumcision, this suggests baptism is the sign of the new covenant.

Passages apparently negating infant baptism

Ac 2:38-41 infants cannot repent and believe; Gal 3:7 Under the new covenant it is faith in Jesus Christ, not an outward sign, that makes a person a child of God.

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