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7793 teachers

7793 teachers

Those who have responsibility for instructing others, especially in relation to matters of faith and life: in the home, parents; in Israel, priests and teachers of the law and in the NT church, apostles, prophets, pastors and teachers. At a less formal level Christians should seek to teach one another. God is the supreme teacher of his people.

God is the supreme teacher

Heb 8:10-11 See also Jer 31:33-34; Dt 8:3; Ps 32:8; Jn 14:26; 1Th 4:9; Tit 2:11-12

Parents as teachers

Eph 6:4 See also Dt 4:9-10; Dt 6:4-9; Dt 11:18-19; Ps 78:5-6; 2Ti 3:14-15

Priests as Israel’s teachers

Mal 2:4-7 See also Lev 10:11; 2Ki 12:2; 2Ch 35:3; Ne 8:7-8; Eze 44:23

The apostles and their helpers as teachers

The apostles generally Ac 5:42 See also Mt 28:19-20; Ac 4:2,18; Ac 5:21,28

Paul Ac 20:20 See also Ac 11:26; Ac 15:35; Ac 18:11; 1Co 4:17; 1Co 14:19; 1Th 4:1-2; 1Ti 2:7; 2Ti 1:11

Timothy 1Ti 4:6-16; 2Ti 2:23-25

The gift of teachers in the church

Eph 4:11 See also Ac 13:1; 1Co 12:28-29; 1Co 14:29-34; Gal 6:6; 1Ti 2:12; 2Ti 2:2

Elders as teachers

Tit 1:9 See also 1Ti 3:2; 1Ti 5:17

Christians as teachers of one another

Col 3:16 See also Ro 15:14; 1Co 14:26

See also

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3140Holy Spirit, teacher
5115Peter, preacher & teacher
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7755preaching, importance
8749false teachers

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