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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7751 persuasion
7751 persuasion

7751 persuasion

Attempting to win others over to one’s own point of view. It can be either positive, as with preaching the gospel, or it can spring from a malign intent to seduce people from the truth.

Means of persuasion

The persuasiveness of argument Ac 16:15 See also Jdg 19:3,7; 2Sa 3:35; Ac 5:40; Ac 19:32-41; Ac 21:14

The persuasiveness of proof Ac 1:3 See also Ge 45:25-28

The persuasiveness of experience 1Co 14:24-25

The first Christians were persuaded of the truth of their faith

2Ti 1:12 See also Ro 4:20-21; Ro 8:38-39; 2Ti 3:14

The apostles tried to persuade others of the truth of the gospel

Ac 18:4 See also Ac 17:2-4; Ac 19:8; Ac 26:26-29; Ac 28:23-24; 2Co 5:11

Scripture advises patience when seeking to persuade those in power

Pr 25:15 See also Lk 18:1-5

Scripture warns against the persuasiveness of evil

The persuasiveness of adulterers Pr 7:21 See also Pr 5:3; Pr 7:5

The persuasiveness of false prophets Jer 28:15

Examples of God’s servants suffering through the persuasiveness of others

Mt 27:20 pp Mk 15:11 See also Ac 14:19

See also

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6146deceit & God
7774prophets, false
8749false teachers

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