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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5923 public opinion
5923 public opinion

5923 public opinion

The concepts and views held by the majority of the population. Scripture urges personal, independent thinking, based on God’s word, rather than adherence to popular beliefs.

God’s people should not be concerned about public opinion

Ex 23:2 See also Job 31:33-34; Ecc 7:21-22

Examples of the impact of public opinion

1Sa 14:45 Public opinion saved Jonathan’s life; 1Sa 15:24 Public opinion led to Saul losing his kingdom; Mt 27:15-26 Public opinion led to Jesus Christ being crucified; Ac 12:3 Public opinion led to Peter being imprisoned.

Public opinion is often contrary to divine standards

Hag 1:2-11 See also Nu 13:21-14:10; Dt 1:19-40; 1Sa 8:4-9; 1Ki 18:21; Jer 2:31-35; Jer 26:7-16

Public opinion is sometimes in accord with divine standards

Dt 5:28-29 See also Jos 24:19-24

Public opinion of Jesus Christ was divided

Concerning his identity Mt 16:13-17 pp Mk 8:27-29 pp Lk 9:18-20 See also Jn 7:40-43

Concerning his teaching and ministry Lk 12:51; Jn 7:12,43; Jn 9:16; Jn 10:19

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