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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5742 wedding
5742 wedding

5742 wedding

The public acknowledgment and celebration of a couple’s marriage. The wedding followed betrothal and was a preliminary to sexual union. The occasion was marked by feasting, singing and rejoicing. The bride wore a wedding dress, jewellery and ornaments and both she and the groom were waited on by attendants.

Wedding garments

The bride’s wedding dress Ps 45:13 See also Ge 24:65; Eze 16:10; Rev 19:7-8; Rev 21:2

The bride’s jewellery and ornaments Isa 49:18 See also Isa 61:10; Jer 2:32; Eze 16:11-12

Wedding festivities

Weddings were occasions for rejoicing Jer 33:11 Wedding festivities might last for a week or two: Ge 29:27-28; Jdg 14:12
SS 3:11; Isa 62:5; Jer 7:34

Wedding songs Ps 45:1 Title; Ps 78:63

The wedding banquet Jdg 14:10 See also Ge 29:21-22 A feast celebrates Jacob’s wedding; Mt 22:2 a wedding banquet given by a king for his son; Jn 2:3-10 Jesus Christ changes water into wine at a wedding feast; Rev 19:9 the marriage supper of the Lamb

Guests and attendants at weddings

Wedding guests Jn 2:1-2 See also Mt 22:3-10,11-12 Wedding guests were expected to wear appropriate clothes; Lk 14:8-10

Attendants on the groom Jn 3:29 See also Jdg 14:11,20; Mt 9:15 pp Mk 2:19 pp Lk 5:34

Bridesmaids Ps 45:14 See also Mt 25:1-10

Wedding gifts

1Ki 9:16 See also Ge 24:59; Ge 29:24,29; Jdg 1:14-15

Elements in the wedding ceremony

Covering the bride Sometimes the groom would cover the bride with his cloak as a symbol of protection: Ru 3:9; Eze 16:8

A covenanted commitment Pr 2:17; Mal 2:14

Blessing the couple Ge 24:60; Ru 4:11

Consummating the marriage Joel 2:16 See also Ge 29:23; Ps 19:5

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