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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5597 victory, as an act of God
5597 victory, as an act of God

5597 victory, as an act of God

God is the source of all victory, which he grants to those who obey his commands and put their confidence in him. This principle holds true in all believers’conflicts, whether physical or spiritual.

God is the source of all victory

Dt 20:1-4 See also 2Ch 20:15; Ps 18:35; 1Co 15:57; 2Co 2:14

Victory is achieved by God, not people

Ps 20:7-8 See also 1Sa 17:45-47; Ps 44:3-7; Ps 60:11-12; Ps 146:3; Pr 21:31

Victory should be ascribed to God

Ps 118:15 See also Ex 15:1; Ps 21:1; 1Co 15:57; Rev 19:1-2

Victory depends on faithfulness

God grants victory to those who are faithful to him 1Ch 22:13 See also Ex 23:20-23; Ps 112:8; Pr 2:7

Unfaithfulness to God brings defeat Nu 14:41-43 See also Dt 28:15,25; 2Ch 24:20

Examples of God giving victory

Ex 17:8-15 to Israel over the Amalekites To Joshua at Jericho: Jos 6:2-5,20
Jdg 7:15-22 to Gideon over the Midianites; Jdg 15:12-19 to Samson over 1,000 Philistines; 1Sa 7:7-12 to the Israelites at Mizpah; 1Sa 17:38-50 to David over Goliath; 1Ki 18:36-39 to Elijah at Mount Carmel; 1Ch 11:4-9 when David conquered Jerusalem

God is able to work through defeat

Ge 50:20 See also Jdg 16:24,30; Ro 8:28; 2Co 4:7-12; 2Co 12:7-10

God is able to fulfil his purposes through the victory of unbelievers

Isa 44:28-45:4 See also Isa 41:25; Isa 45:13; Eze 33:27-29 This is how Ezekiel is to explain Babylon’s victory over Jerusalem; Ac 2:36; Ac 3:17-18

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