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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5585 towers
5585 towers

5585 towers

Tall structures, normally constructed of brick or stone. They were chiefly used for observation of the surrounding countryside in order to warn of the approach of enemies or robbers.

Examples of watchtowers

Isa 32:14 See also Jdg 8:17; Jdg 9:51-52; 1Ch 27:25; 2Ch 14:7; 2Ch 26:9-10,15; 2Ch 32:5; Ne 3:25-27

Destruction of towers synonymous with defeat Eze 26:4 See also Isa 30:25; Isa 32:14; Jer 50:15; Eze 26:9

Watchmen stationed in towers 2Ki 9:17-20 See also Isa 21:6-9; La 4:17

Towers built as protection against thieves Mt 21:33 pp Mk 12:1 See also Isa 5:1-2

Towers of Jersualem

2Ch 26:9; 2Ch 32:5; Ne 3:1,11,25-26; Ne 12:38-39; Jer 31:38; Zec 14:10; Lk 13:4

Towers as place-names and landmarks

Ge 11:4-5 See also Ge 35:21 “Migdal Eder” means “tower of the flock”; Jdg 8:17; Jdg 9:46,51

Parable of building a tower

Lk 18:28-29

Figurative use of towers

Symbolic of the security found in God alone Pr 18:10 See also Ps 48:3; Ps 61:3

Symbolic of God’s judgment Eze 26:4 See also Jer 50:15; Zep 1:15-16

Associated with human beauty SS 4:4 See also SS 7:4; SS 8:9-10

The tower of Babel

The building of the tower of Babel Ge 11:1-4 The attempt to build the city and the tower is the result of human pride. God responds by confusing people’s language and by scattering them: Ge 11:5-9; Ps 55:9

The confusion of Babel reversed at Pentecost Ac 2:5-11

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