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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5463 proclamations
5463 proclamations

5463 proclamations

Edicts or public declarations issued by the civil or religious authorities.

Examples of proclamations in biblical times

Ex 1:15-22 Pharaoh’s edict that all Hebrew boys were to be drowned; Ex 32:5 Aaron’s proclamation of a festival to the Lord; 1Ki 21:9-10 Jezebel’s proclamation to ensnare Naboth; 2Ki 10:20 Jehu’s proclamation of an assembly in honour of Baal; 2Ch 24:9 Joash’s proclamation of a tax for the Lord; 2Ch 30:1-10 Hezekiah’s invitation to celebrate the Passover Cyrus’decrees concerning the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple: Ezr 1:1; Ezr 5:13; Ezr 6:3; Ezr 7:13
Ne 8:14-15 the Levites’proclamation of festival arrangements Xerxes’decrees in the time of Esther: Est 1:20; Est 2:8; Est 3:14; Est 4:3; Est 8:11 Darius’decrees in the time of Daniel: Da 6:7,15
Jnh 3:7 the king of Nineveh’s proclamation of a fast of repentance; Lk 2:1 Caesar Augustus’proclamation of a census

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