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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 5081 Adam, creation and life of
5081 Adam, creation and life of

5081 Adam, creation and life of

Adam is portrayed as the height of God’s creation, made in the image and likeness of God, and entrusted with the stewardship of creation.

The creation of Adam

As a unique event Ge 2:7

In the image of God Ge 1:26-27 See also Ge 5:1; 1Co 11:7; Jas 3:9

His commission from God Ge 1:28; Ge 2:15 See also Ge 1:26; Ps 8:4-8; Ps 115:14-16

His incompleteness without Eve Ge 2:18-24 See also Ge 1:27; Ge 5:1-2; Mt 19:4-6 pp Mk 10:6-9

His position and privileges Ge 1:28-29; Ge 2:19-20

The limitations of his freedom Ge 2:16-17 See also Ge 3:1-3

The fall of Adam

The nature of his sin Ge 3:6 See also Ge 2:16-17; Ge 3:12,17; Hos 6:7

Immediate results of his sin Ge 3:7-10

God’s curse upon Adam and the earth Ge 3:17-19 See also Ge 5:29; Job 7:1; Job 10:9; Ps 90:3; Ecc 2:17-23; Ecc 3:20; Ro 8:20

The life of Adam after the fall

His expulsion from the garden Ge 3:21-24

His children Ge 4:1-2 See also Ge 4:25; Ge 5:3-4; 1Ch 1:1

His lifespan and death Ge 5:5

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