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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4440 fig-tree
4440 fig-tree

4440 fig-tree

A tree common in the Near East, with soft, sweet fruit which can be eaten fresh or dried. The fruit was an important part of the diet in biblical times and the tree was symbolic of peace and security.


Figs prized as a sweet, pleasant fruit Jdg 9:10-11 See also Nu 13:21-23

Figs a significant part of the diet in biblical times Nu 20:5 See also Dt 8:7-9; 1Sa 30:11-12; Ne 13:15

Figs given in gifts of food 1Sa 25:18 See also 2Sa 16:1; 1Ch 12:40

Other uses of figs and fig leaves 2Ki 20:1-7 See also Ge 3:6-7; Isa 38:21

Judah likened to figs Jer 24:1-10; Jer 29:15-19

The fig-tree as a symbol of peace and security

1Ki 4:25 See also 2Ki 18:28-32 pp Isa 36:13-18 Mic 4:1-5 See also Zec 3:10

Destruction of fig-trees

By God Hos 2:12 See also Ps 105:33; Am 4:9

By enemies Joel 1:6-7 See also Jer 5:17

Descriptions of the fig-tree and its fruit

Early figs Hos 9:10 See also SS 2:13; Isa 28:4; Mic 7:1; Na 3:12

Late figs Rev 6:12-13

Failure of the crop Jer 8:13 See also Joel 1:12; Hab 3:17-18; Hag 2:19

Fig-trees in the teaching of Jesus Christ and the apostles

In parables and object lessons Jas 3:9-12 See also Mt 7:15-20 pp Lk 6:43-45; Lk 13:6-9

The lesson of the fig-tree Mt 24:32-35 pp Mk 13:28-31 pp Lk 21:29-31

Jesus Christ curses a fig-tree

Mt 21:18-22 pp Mk 11:12-14 pp Mk 11:20-24

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