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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2221 Jesus Christ, Son of Man
2221 Jesus Christ, Son of Man

2221 Jesus Christ, Son of Man

Jesus Christ’s preferred title for himself. The term points to the humanity and servanthood of Christ, but also reflects Daniel’s vision of the son of man as a coming figure of judgment and authority.

Jesus Christ as the Son of Man in his human nature

OT use of “son of man” to mean “human being” Nu 23:19 See also Job 25:6; Job 35:8; Ps 8:4; Ps 80:17; Ps 144:3

Jesus Christ describes himself as Son of Man to stress his humanity Mt 8:20 pp Lk 9:58 See also Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34; Mt 16:13,15; Lk 6:22; Jn 9:35

Blasphemy against the Son of Man is forgivable Mt 12:32 See also Lk 12:10

Jesus Christ as the Son of Man in his prophetic ministry

The OT use of “son of man” as a title for Ezekiel Eze 2:1

Jesus Christ preaches God’s word Mt 13:37-43

Jesus Christ offers the words of eternal life Jn 6:27 See also Jn 6:53,63,68

Jesus Christ as the Son of Man in his suffering and death

Jesus Christ as a servant Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45

Jesus Christ came to suffer, die and be raised Lk 24:6-7 See also Mt 12:40 pp Lk 11:30 the sign of Jonah; Mt 17:9 pp Mk 9:9 the transfiguration Predictions of Jesus Christ’s death: Mt 17:22-23 pp Mk 9:31 pp Lk 9:44; Mt 20:18 pp Mk 10:33 pp Lk 18:31; Mt 26:24 pp Mk 14:21 pp Lk 22:22; Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22; Jn 3:14; Jn 12:23; Jn 13:31

Jesus Christ as the Son of Man in his authority and dominion

The vision of the son of man Da 7:13-14 This passage provides the main OT background to Jesus Christ’s understanding of himself as the “Son of Man”. His main uses of the title emphasise his dominion and authority, and also paradoxically that this glory will be attained through the humiliation of the cross.

Son of man meaning “son of Adam” Ge 1:26 Jesus Christ as Son of Man (in the Hebrew “son of Adam”) inherits the promise originally given to Adam of dominion over creation, which Adam forfeited because of his fall into sin. See also Ro 5:14; 1Co 15:45; Heb 2:6-9; Ps 8:4-6

Jesus Christ had authority on earth Mt 9:6 pp Mk 2:10 pp Lk 5:24 Authority to forgive sins. See also Mt 12:8 pp Mk 2:28 pp Lk 6:5 authority over the Sabbath

Jesus Christ is now ascended into glory Ac 7:55-56 See also Rev 1:13; Rev 14:14

Jesus Christ will come to judge and reign over all Mt 16:27-28 pp Mk 8:38 pp Lk 9:26 See also Mt 10:23; Mt 24:30 pp Mk 13:26 pp Lk 21:27 the second coming; Mt 24:44 pp Lk 12:40 the day and hour unknown; Mt 26:64 pp Mk 14:62 pp Lk 22:69 Jesus Christ before the Sanhedrin; Lk 18:8; Lk 21:36; Jn 5:27

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