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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2203 Jesus Christ, titles and names of
2203 Jesus Christ, titles and names of

2203 Jesus Christ, titles and names of

These, in their rich variety, throw light on either the person of Jesus Christ or on some aspect of his ministry.

Titles relating to Jesus Christ’s identity

The exact image of God Heb 1:3 See also Jn 14:9; 2Co 4:4; Col 1:15

The first and last, the Alpha and Omega Rev 22:13 “Alpha” and “Omega” are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. See also Rev 1:17; Rev 2:8; Rev 21:6

The Word of God Jn 1:1 See also Mal 3:1; Jn 1:14; 1Jn 1:1; Rev 19:13

The last Adam 1Co 15:45 See also Ro 5:14

The bright Morning Star Rev 22:16 See also 2Pe 1:19

The rising sun Mal 4:2; Lk 1:78

The Living One Rev 1:18 See also Jn 5:26; Jn 11:25

The Amen Rev 3:14 See also 2Co 1:20

The true light Jn 1:3-9 See also Isa 9:2; Lk 2:32; Jn 3:19-21; Jn 8:12; Jn 12:46

The Righteous One Ac 3:14 See also Jer 23:6; Jer 33:15-16; Ac 7:52; Ac 22:14

The Lion of Judah Rev 5:5

The king of the Jews Mt 2:1-2; Mt 27:37

The “I am” sayings of John’s Gospel

Jn 8:58 See also Jn 6:35 the bread of life The light of the world: Jn 8:12; Jn 9:5
Jn 10:7-10 the gate; Jn 10:11-14 the good shepherd; Jn 11:25 the resurrection and the life; Jn 14:6 the way, the truth and the life; Jn 15:1-5 the true vine

Titles relating to Jesus Christ’s ministry

The seed of Abraham Gal 3:16 See also Ge 12:7; Ge 13:15; Ge 24:7

The Root and Offspring of David Rev 22:16

The faithful witness Rev 1:5 See also Isa 55:4; Jn 18:37; Rev 3:14

Immanuel Mt 1:23 See also Isa 7:14; Isa 8:8

The capstone Mt 21:42 pp Mk 12:10 pp Lk 20:17 See also Ps 118:22; Ac 4:11; Eph 2:20-21; 1Pe 2:6-7

The rock 1Co 10:4 See also Isa 8:14; Isa 28:16; Ro 9:32-33; 1Pe 2:8

The bridegroom Jn 3:29 John the Baptist describing himself as the bridegroom’s friend, and Jesus Christ as the bridegroom. See also Mt 9:15 pp Mk 2:19-20 pp Lk 5:34-35; Mt 25:1-10; Rev 19:7; Rev 21:2

The firstborn among many brothers Ro 8:29

The firstfruits 1Co 15:23

The firstborn from the dead Rev 1:5

The heir of all things Heb 1:2

Titles relating to Jesus Christ’s authority

Lord Ac 2:25 See also Mt 7:21; Lk 6:46; Jn 6:68; Ro 10:13; 1Co 3:5; Col 3:23; 1Th 4:16-17; 2Pe 1:11

The head of the church Eph 1:22-23; Eph 4:15; Eph 5:23; Col 2:19

The Chief Shepherd 1Pe 5:4 See also Mt 2:6; Mic 5:2; Jn 10:11; 1Pe 2:25; Heb 13:20

Prince Ac 5:31

Rabbi Jn 1:38,49; Jn 20:16

Titles emphasising Jesus Christ’s saving work

Jesus: the Lord saves Mt 1:21

Man of sorrows See also Isa 53:3

The Passover lamb 1Co 5:7

A horn of salvation See also Lk 1:69

The consolation of Israel Lk 1:68; Lk 2:25,38

The deliverer and Redeemer Ro 11:26; Isa 59:20

The author and perfecter of salvation Heb 2:10 See also Heb 5:9; Heb 12:2

Titles stressing Jesus Christ’s mediatory status

The Mediator 1Ti 2:5

The high priest Heb 3:1 See also Heb 2:17; Heb 6:20

The Son of Man Lk 19:10 See also Mt 11:19; Lk 5:24; Jn 3:13; Jn 6:53; Ac 7:56; Rev 1:13

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