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Wat Jesus Show John 11 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Two Guys Tell Wat Dey Know

11 Den, jalike one dream, somebody wen give me one bamboo, jalike one stick fo measure. An dey tell me, “Go. Measure Godʼs temple an da altar, an count how plenny peopo get dea dat show God love an respeck. But no go measure da yard outside da temple, cuz God wen let da peopo dat not his peopo take um ova. Dey goin walk all ova Jerusalem, da town dat stay spesho fo God, fo three an a half year. (Dass 42 months, o 1,260 days, you know.)

Goin get two guys. I goin give dem da power fo talk fo me fo all dat time. Dey goin put on burm bag kine clotheses fo show dat dey stay crying inside.”

Dese two guys, dey da two olive trees an da two stands fo lamp dat Zekariah wen tell bout inside da Bible. Dese guys, dey stay standing in front God, da Boss fo da earth. If somebody like hurt dem, fire come outa da guys mout an burn dem up. Dass how da guys goin wipe out anybody dat go agains dem.

Dose guys get da power fo shut up da sky, so da rain no stay come, wen dey stay telling wat God wen say. An dey get da power fo make da water change fo come blood. An dey get da power fo make all kine trouble come on top da peopo all ova da world too, wen eva dey like.

Den, wen dey pau tell wat God say, da Wild Animal dat come up outa da Deep Dark Hole, he goin fight agains dose two guys. An da Wild Animal goin win, an kill um. An dea bodies goin stay on top da street inside da Big Town, da one you can say stay jalike Sodom town o jalike Egypt. Dat Big Town, dass wea dey wen put da Boss Jesus on top da cross fo mahke. Fo three an a half days goin get peopo from all da countries, ohanas, language, an diffren kine peopos from all ova da world ova dea. Dey goin look at da guys bodies, an dey no goin let nobody bury um. 10 All da peopo all ova da world goin feel good inside cuz dose two guys wen mahke. All da peopo goin party, an send plenny present to each odda. Cuz dose two guys dat talk fo God wen make all da peopo suffa plenny.

11 But you know wat? Afta three an a half days, God wen make um breathe again, an dey wen stand up. Everybody dat wen see um, wen come real scared. 12 Den da two guys dat wen talk fo God wen hear one loud voice from da sky dat talk to dem, an tell, “Come up hea!” An wen da guys dat wen stay agains dem wen look, dey see um go up to da sky inside one cloud.

Da Numba Two Big Trouble

13 Right den an dea da earth wen start fo shake real hard. An ten percent a da Big Town wen wipe out, an seven tousand peopo wen mahke. Da rest a da peopo was real scared, an dey wen tell dat God who stay inside da sky, he awesome.

14 Dat was da numba two big kine trouble. Auwe! Pretty soon goin get da numba three big kine trouble!

Da Numba Seven Trumpet

15 Den da numba seven angel guy wen blow his trumpet. An had real loud voices wen come from da sky. Dey wen say,

“Now da time!
    God an his Spesho Guy Christ get da power
Fo take ova an be King ova all da peopos inside da world.
    Dey goin lead da peopo foeva an eva!”

16 Den da twenty-four older leadas dat was sitting on top dea thrones in front God, dey wen go down wit dea face on top da groun, an wen give God love an respeck. 17 Dey tell,

“Eh, God! Mahalo plenny!
    You da Boss, da God Dat Get All Da Power!
You stay now,
    An wen stay befo time!
Now you stay showing all yoa power,
    An wen start fo take charge a all da peopo inside da world!
18 Da peopos dat no trus you,
    Dey real huhu,
But you no take da bad kine stuff.

“Time awready fo you fo come da Judge fo da mahke peopo.
An fo give yoa worka guys da good kine stuff you have fo dem
    Fo wat dey wen do fo you.
    Same ting you goin give to all da guys dat wen talk fo you,
        An all yoa spesho peopo,
        An you goin give um to da ones dat get respeck fo how you stay,
        Da big peopo an da litto peopo.

“Time awready fo wipe out da guys
    Dat wen wipe out all da odda peopo
    Dat stay on top da earth!”

19 Den Godʼs temple inside da sky wen come open, so can see da Box Fo Godʼs Promise dat get da Ten Commandments inside. Den had lightning flash, an noise, an loud thunder. Da earth wen shake, an had plenny ice come down jalike rain.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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