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18 Consequently,[a] just as condemnation[b] for all people[c] came[d] through one transgression,[e] so too through the one righteous act[f] came righteousness leading to life[g] for all people.

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  1. Romans 5:18 tn There is a double connective here that cannot be easily preserved in English: “consequently therefore,” emphasizing the conclusion of what he has been arguing.
  2. Romans 5:18 tn Grk “[it is] unto condemnation for all people.”
  3. Romans 5:18 tn Here ἀνθρώπους (anthrōpous) has been translated as a generic (“people”) since both men and women are clearly intended in this context.
  4. Romans 5:18 tn There are no verbs in the Greek text of v. 18, forcing translators to supply phrases like “came through one transgression,” “resulted from one transgression,” etc.
  5. Romans 5:18 sn One transgression refers to the sin of Adam in Gen 3:1-24.
  6. Romans 5:18 sn The one righteous act refers to Jesus’ death on the cross.
  7. Romans 5:18 tn Grk “righteousness of life.”

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