[a]And when they have [b]finished their testimony, [c]the beast that cometh out of the bottomless pit, shall make war against them, and shall [d]overcome them, and kill them,

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  1. Revelation 11:7 That is, when they have spent those thousand two hundred and sixty years, mentioned verses 2 and 3, in publishing their testimony according to their office.
  2. Revelation 11:7 When they have done their message.
  3. Revelation 11:7 Of which after Rev. 13. That beast is the Roman Empire, made long ago of civil, Ecclesiastical: the chief head whereof was then Boniface the eighth, as I said before: who lifted up himself in so great arrogancy (saith the author of Falsciculus temporum) that he called himself Lord of the whole world, as well in temporal causes as in spiritual: There is an extant of that matter, written by the same Boniface most arrogantly, shall I say, or most wickedly, ca. unam sanctam, extra de majoritate & obedientia, and in the sixth of the Decretals (which is from the same author) many things are found of the same argument.
  4. Revelation 11:7 He shall persecute most cruelly the holy men, and put them to death, and shall wound and pierce through with cursings both their names and writings. And that this was done to very many godly men by Boniface and others, the histories do declare, especially since the time that the odious and condemned name amongst the multitude first of the brethren Waldenses or Lugdunenses, then also of the Fratricels, was pretended, that good men might with more approbation be massacred.

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