[a]But the [b]Court which is without the Temple [c]cast out, and mete it not: for it is given unto the [d]Gentiles, and the holy city shall they tread under foot, [e]two and forty Months.

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  1. Revelation 11:2 As if he should say, it belongeth nothing unto them to judge those which are without, 1 Cor. 5:12, which be innumerable: look unto those of the household only, or unto the house of the living God.
  2. Revelation 11:2 He speaketh of the outward court, which was called the peoples court, because all men might come into that.
  3. Revelation 11:2 That is counted to be cast out, which in measuring is refused as profane.
  4. Revelation 11:2 To profane persons wicked and unbelievers, adversaries unto the Church.
  5. Revelation 11:2 Or a thousand and two hundred and threescore days as is said in the next verse: that is a thousand two hundred and threescore years, a day for a year as often in Ezekiel and Daniel, which thing I noted before, 2:10. The beginning of these thousand two hundred and threescore years, we account from the passion of Christ, whereby (the partition wall being broken down) we were made of two one, Eph. 2:14. I say one flock under one Shepherd, John 10:16 and the end of these years precisely falleth into the Popedom of Boniface the eighth who a little before the end of the year of Christ a thousand two hundred ninety four, entered the Popedom of Rome, in the feast of S. Lucie (as Bergomensis saith) having put in prison his predecessor Coelestinus, whom by fraud, under color of oracle, he deceived: for which cause, that well said of him, Intravit ut vulpes, regnavit ut leo, mortuus est ut canis. That is, he entered like a fox, reigned like a lion, and died like a dog. For if from a thousand two hundred ninety four years thou shalt take the age of Christ which he lived on the earth, thou shalt find there remaineth 1260 years, which are mentioned in this place and many others.

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