Psalm 49[a]

For the director of music. Of the Sons of Korah. A psalm.

Hear(A) this, all you peoples;(B)
    listen, all who live in this world,(C)
both low and high,(D)
    rich and poor alike:
My mouth will speak words of wisdom;(E)
    the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.(F)
I will turn my ear to a proverb;(G)
    with the harp(H) I will expound my riddle:(I)

Why should I fear(J) when evil days come,
    when wicked deceivers surround me—
those who trust in their wealth(K)
    and boast(L) of their great riches?(M)
No one can redeem the life of another
    or give to God a ransom for them—
the ransom(N) for a life is costly,
    no payment is ever enough—(O)
so that they should live on(P) forever
    and not see decay.(Q)
10 For all can see that the wise die,(R)
    that the foolish and the senseless(S) also perish,
    leaving their wealth(T) to others.(U)
11 Their tombs(V) will remain their houses[b] forever,
    their dwellings for endless generations,(W)
    though they had[c] named(X) lands after themselves.

12 People, despite their wealth, do not endure;(Y)
    they are like the beasts that perish.(Z)

13 This is the fate of those who trust in themselves,(AA)
    and of their followers, who approve their sayings.[d]
14 They are like sheep and are destined(AB) to die;(AC)
    death will be their shepherd
    (but the upright will prevail(AD) over them in the morning).
Their forms will decay in the grave,
    far from their princely mansions.
15 But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead;(AE)
    he will surely take me to himself.(AF)
16 Do not be overawed when others grow rich,
    when the splendor of their houses increases;
17 for they will take nothing(AG) with them when they die,
    their splendor will not descend with them.(AH)
18 Though while they live they count themselves blessed—(AI)
    and people praise you when you prosper—
19 they will join those who have gone before them,(AJ)
    who will never again see the light(AK) of life.

20 People who have wealth but lack understanding(AL)
    are like the beasts that perish.(AM)

Psalm 50

A psalm of Asaph.

The Mighty One, God, the Lord,(AN)
    speaks and summons the earth
    from the rising of the sun to where it sets.(AO)
From Zion,(AP) perfect in beauty,(AQ)
    God shines forth.(AR)
Our God comes(AS)
    and will not be silent;(AT)
a fire devours(AU) before him,(AV)
    and around him a tempest(AW) rages.
He summons the heavens above,
    and the earth,(AX) that he may judge his people:(AY)
“Gather to me this consecrated people,(AZ)
    who made a covenant(BA) with me by sacrifice.”
And the heavens proclaim(BB) his righteousness,
    for he is a God of justice.[e][f](BC)

“Listen, my people, and I will speak;
    I will testify(BD) against you, Israel:
    I am God, your God.(BE)
I bring no charges(BF) against you concerning your sacrifices
    or concerning your burnt offerings,(BG) which are ever before me.
I have no need of a bull(BH) from your stall
    or of goats(BI) from your pens,(BJ)
10 for every animal of the forest(BK) is mine,
    and the cattle on a thousand hills.(BL)
11 I know every bird(BM) in the mountains,
    and the insects in the fields(BN) are mine.
12 If I were hungry I would not tell you,
    for the world(BO) is mine, and all that is in it.(BP)
13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls
    or drink the blood of goats?

14 “Sacrifice thank offerings(BQ) to God,
    fulfill your vows(BR) to the Most High,(BS)
15 and call(BT) on me in the day of trouble;(BU)
    I will deliver(BV) you, and you will honor(BW) me.”

16 But to the wicked person, God says:

“What right have you to recite my laws
    or take my covenant(BX) on your lips?(BY)
17 You hate(BZ) my instruction
    and cast my words behind(CA) you.
18 When you see a thief, you join(CB) with him;
    you throw in your lot with adulterers.(CC)
19 You use your mouth for evil
    and harness your tongue to deceit.(CD)
20 You sit and testify against your brother(CE)
    and slander your own mother’s son.
21 When you did these things and I kept silent,(CF)
    you thought I was exactly[g] like you.
But I now arraign(CG) you
    and set my accusations(CH) before you.

22 “Consider this, you who forget God,(CI)
    or I will tear you to pieces, with no one to rescue you:(CJ)
23 Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me,
    and to the blameless[h] I will show my salvation.(CK)


  1. Psalm 49:1 In Hebrew texts 49:1-20 is numbered 49:2-21.
  2. Psalm 49:11 Septuagint and Syriac; Hebrew In their thoughts their houses will remain
  3. Psalm 49:11 Or generations, / for they have
  4. Psalm 49:13 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here and at the end of verse 15.
  5. Psalm 50:6 With a different word division of the Hebrew; Masoretic Text for God himself is judge
  6. Psalm 50:6 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here.
  7. Psalm 50:21 Or thought the ‘I am’ was
  8. Psalm 50:23 Probable reading of the original Hebrew text; the meaning of the Masoretic Text for this phrase is uncertain.