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Numba 2 From Peter 1 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)


Aloha! Dis me, Simon Peter. I one worka fo Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He wen send me all ova da place fo tell peopo bout him.

I writing dis letta fo you guys dat trus Jesus Christ. God wen let you guys trus Jesus Christ, cuz he everytime do da right ting. Dass worth plenny fo you guys, jalike fo us guys. He our God, an he da One dat take us outa da bad kine stuff we doing. I like you guys know God an Jesus our Boss mo betta, so den, dey goin do plenny good stuff fo you guys, an make yoa hearts rest inside.

God Pick His Peopo an Tell Dem “Come!”

Jesus get power -- da kine power ony God get. Az how he wen give us guys everyting we need fo live to da max fo real kine, da way God like. God do dat, cuz us guys know him real good. He da One dat wen tell us guys “Come, be my guys,” cuz he so awesome, an so good. Jesus wen give us all da real importan stuff he wen promise, an dass worth plenny. An he wen give us all dat so us guys can come jalike God inside our heart. An same time, we can hemo from all da rotten pilau tings da peopo all ova da world do, cuz dey make any kine how dey like.

Az why, I like you guys go all out. You guys trus Jesus awready, but no stop dea. Everytime do good ting, but no stop dea. Know God mo an mo betta, an no stop dea. Learn fo really mean wat you say, an do um. But no stop dea. Everytime you get hard time, hang in dea an no give up. An no stop dea, but do everyting da way God like. But no stop dea. Show aloha fo da Christian bruddas an sistas. An no stop dea, but show love an aloha.

Dass how you guys gotta live mo an moa. Dat goin make you guys know our Boss Jesus Christ mo betta. No goin be wase time, but you goin know him real good. If get somebody dat no like make lidat, dat kine guy, jalike he no can see in front his nose. Jalike he stay blind. Eh! God wen clean him up inside from all da bad kine stuff he wen do from befo time, but da bugga wen foget awready.

10 So den, bruddas an sistas, go all out, mo den befo time. God wen pick you guys an tell you guys fo come be his peopo, an you guys wen come. Now, make shua you guys stay ack lidat. Den you guys no goin mess up, eva. 11 Den, God goin give you guys someting real awesome. He goin give you guys da right fo get Jesus Christ fo yoa King, foeva an eva. Jesus da Boss fo us guys, an he da One dat hemo us from all da bad kine stuff we stay in.

How Come Peter Write Lidat

12 Az why everytime I goin stay telling you guys da same ting an make shua you guys no foget. Neva mind you guys awready know um, an you guys stay solid awready, cuz you guys trus da true stuff. 13 An I no goin let you guys foget um. I goin help you guys fo tink bout um everytime. I figga az right I make lidat now, wen I stay alive. 14 Pretty soon I goin mahke. I know, cuz our Boss Jesus Christ, Godʼs Spesho Guy, he wen tell me dat. 15 But I goin go all out, so bumbye wen I go mahke, you guys still goin tink bout dis stuff everytime.

We Wen See How Awesome Jesus Stay

16 Me an my friends wen tell you guys awready bout our Boss Jesus Christ, an how plenny power he goin get wen he come back, yeah? No was jus one sly kine make up story dat us guys like tell. We wen tell you guys ony wat we wen see! Az why we know how awesome Jesus stay, cuz he da King. Had one time, us guys was wit Jesus, ova dea on top dat mountain dat stay spesho fo God. An God da Fadda wen tell how spesho an awesome Jesus stay. Dat time, Jesus wen hear one voice dat come outa da Awesome Place up dea inside da sky. God wen say, “Dis my Boy! I get love an aloha fo him. He make me feel real good inside!” An us guys, we wen hear dat voice come outa da sky too. 19 An dat make all us guys mo shua bout da tings we wen learn from da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time. Good you guys do wat dey say! Cuz da stuff dey tell, jalike one small lamp dat shine inside one real dark place. You guys need listen to wat dey wen say till Jesus come back. Den you guys goin undastan mo an mo plenny. Goin be jalike wen da light from da morning star come up, an den da sun come up! 20 Numba one ting I like you guys know: Da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago inside da Bible, one guy no can figga by himself, wat da kine mean. 21 Cuz da stuff dey wen write, dey neva write um jus cuz dey figga dey like say dat. Wat dey wen say, God wen give um. Dey wen say wat Godʼs Good an Spesho Spirit wen show um fo say.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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