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Numba 1 From Peter 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

God Like Make Us Diffren

You know, Christ was one guy jalike us, an he wen suffa plenny. Same ting you guys, get yoa head ready fo suffa jalike Christ. Cuz whoeva suffa, dea body no stay doing da bad kine stuff no moa. Den dey goin stay inside dis world, but dey no goin like do da bad kine stuff dey like do jus cuz dey peopo, but dey ony goin do wat God like. Befo time you guys had plenny time fo do any kine bad kine stuff, jalike da peopos dat donno God. Dey make any kine, dey like fool aroun, dey get drunk, dey ack wild, dey ony like party too much. No matta dey not suppose to, dey go down an pray to da idol kine gods. Dey talk stink bout you guys, cuz dey no undastan how come you guys no make like dem wen dey go all out fo make any kine. Bumbye dey goin stand in front God da Judge an tell him how come dey wen make lidat. God stay ready fo dem. You know, everybody gotta stand in front him, da guys dat stay alive an da guys dat wen mahke. God goin check out da guys dat stay mahke now, jalike all da odda peopo, how dey wen make wen dey was alive. Dass why Jesus wen teach da Good Kine Stuff From God to dem, so dey can come alive inside fo real kine an do wat God like.

We Gotta Take Care Wat God Give Us

Da time wen everyting goin pau goin come pretty soon. So you guys, use yoa head, an watch out how you make, so you can pray good. Da main ting, get plenny love an aloha fo each odda, cuz no matta how much plenny bad kine stuff da odda guy wen do, still yet you can be friends if you get love an aloha fo da guy. Give da peopo from odda place one place fo stay, an no make grumble bout um. 10 Everybody get power dat God wen give um, so he gotta use dat power fo help da peopo. We gotta use um good, cuz God stay give us all kine good stuff. 11 If anybody teach, he gotta teach da same ting jalike God say. If anybody help anodda guy, he gotta help um wit da power dat God give um. Den everybody goin see dat you guys make like Jesus Christʼs guys, an dey goin talk good bout God. He awesome, an his power goin be foeva. Dass right!

We Goin Suffa Fo Christ

12 My friends, no bum out if you suffa plenny. Dass fo check you guys out how you stay inside. No tink you da ony one dat suffa plenny lidat. 13 But you can stay good inside, cuz you suffa togedda wit Christ. Den bumbye you goin come plenny good inside wen everybody see how awesome he stay. 14 Wen somebody talk any kine to you cuz you Christʼs guys, you can stay good inside, cuz Godʼs awesome Spesho Spirit stay wit you. 15 If you suffa, no good if you suffa cuz you wen go kill somebody, o cuz you steal someting, o cuz you one crook, o cuz you niele odda peopoʼs stuffs. 16 But whoeva suffa cuz dey Christʼs guy, dey no need come shame cuz a dat. Mo betta, cuz dey Christʼs guy, dey tell everytime dat God stay awesome.

17 Cuz da time stay awready fo da peopo fo stand in front God da Judge. God goin start wit his own ohana, an he goin check dem out. So den, wat you figga goin happen to da guys dat no like listen to da Good Kine Stuff From God? 18 Jalike da Bible say,

“If stay real hard fo da good guys
    Fo come out okay,
Wat goin happen to da guys dat ack like God no matta,
    Da guys dat stay doing bad kine stuff?”

19 So den, wen God let his peopo suffa, dey can trus him fo take care dem, cuz he wen make dem, an he do wat he say everytime. An dey still yet can do da good kine stuff, jalike befo.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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