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Numba 1 From Peter 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Peopo Dat Stay Spesho Fo God

So den. No do no bad kine stuffs. No bulai nobody. No say one ting an do anodda. No get jealous. No talk stink notting. Jalike da babies dat jus wen born dey try get da milk, you guys go get da kine stuff dat stay good fo yoa spirit, so dat can make you guys come mo an mo strong inside everytime, an God still goin take you guys outa da bad kine stuff. Cuz now you guys find out dat da Boss get plenny good heart.

Go stick wit Christ. He jalike da main stone da builda guys wen throw out, but den God wen still pick him. He stay alive, an God say he worth plenny. Eh, you guys, come tight wit Christ so dat God can use you guys too, jalike you guys da stones fo make one place fo Godʼs Spirit. An you guys stay alive too, jalike Christ. All you guys goin be jalike priest guys dat stay spesho fo God. Jalike you guys goin give God sacrifices, da kine sacrifices God like, cuz Jesus Christ wen mahke fo all you guys. Cuz inside da Bible God say,

“Eh, try look. I put down da corner block
Right hea inside Jerusalem, inside Zion town,
Dass da one I wen pick.
Dat stone worth plenny to me.
Anybody dat goin trus him plenny,
Dey no need worry notting.”

Jesus, he jalike dat stone. You guys dat trus him, he worth plenny to you guys, too. But den, fo da peopo dat no trus him, da Bible say,

“Da stone da builda guys wen throw out,
Dat stone wen come da corner block,
Da one dey wen need.”

An da Bible say dis too,

“Dis da stone dat wen make da peopo fall down.”

Dey fall down cuz dey no do wat God say. Dass wat God wen say goin happen to dem.

But you guys da one God wen pick. You da priest guys fo da King. You guys da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. You, da peopo God say, “Dey mines.” So den, you guys goin tell everybody all da good stuff God wen do. He wen tell you guys fo come outa da bad kine stuff, an stick wit da good kine stuff he like us do. Jalike you go outa da dark an come inside da light. 10 Befo time you guys wen make jalike you guys not one ohana, but now you guys Godʼs ohana. Befo time God wen like give you guys chance, but you guys neva take um. Ony now, you guys take um.

11 My friends, you guys no mo house inside da world. Dass why I stay begging you guys fo no do da bad kine stuff you guy like do jus cuz you peopo. Deep inside you, da bad kine stuff stay fight wit you. 12 Make shua you guys do da right tings in front da peopo dat donno God, so dat, no matta dey poin finga you guys now, dey goin ony see da good kine stuff you guys do. An den, wen Christ come back, dey goin tell how awesome God stay.

Listen To Each Odda

13 Listen, an do wat all da leadas fo da peopo say, an do um fo da Boss. Listen to da king, cuz he da main leada. 14 Listen to da governa guys, cuz dey da one da king wen send fo punish da guys dat do da bad kine stuff, an fo talk good bout da guys dat do da right kine stuff. 15 Dass why God like you guys fo do da good kine stuff, so da guys dat donno notting, an no tink right, dey no can poin finga you. 16 No matta you guys can go do wateva you like, no tink you can make excuse fo make any kine. Make like you work fo God. Rememba, he own you. 17 Get respeck fo everybody. Get love an aloha fo da bruddas an sistas dat trus Christ. Get plenny respeck fo God. An get plenny respeck fo da king.

Worka Guys, Listen To Yoa Boss

18 You worka guys, listen to yoa boss, an get respeck fo dem. Not ony fo da boss dat make good to you, but fo da boss dat give you hard time too. 19 Get one guy dat get punish fo someting he neva do, but he take um, cuz he still tinking bout God. God say dass good. 20 You tink God owe you someting if dey bus you up cuz you wen do someting bad, an still yet you take um? No way! But den, if you do someting good, an suffa fo dat, an still yet take um, God goin say dass good. 21 Az why Christ wen tell you guys fo come tink bout dis: He wen suffa fo you guys, an dass jalike one picha, so you guys can do jalike he wen do. 22 Da Bible say, “He neva do notting wrong. Nobody wen hear him bulai eva.” 23 Wen dey wen say any kine to him, he neva say any kine back. Wen he wen suffa, he neva say he goin pay um back. But he wen let God da Judge take care dat, cuz he know God do da right ting. 24 Christ, he da One dat wen take wit him all da bad kine stuff we wen do, wen he wen go mahke on top da cross. He wen do dat so us guys no gotta do da bad kine stuff no moa. Now, we no stay live fo do da bad kine stuff. We ony stay live fo do da right kine stuff. Christ wen mahke on top da cross fo us so we can come good. 25 You guys was jalike da sheeps dat stay lost, but now you guys wen come back to God. He make shua he take care you guys good, jalike da sheep farma guy take care da sheeps.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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