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Numba 1 From Peter 1 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)


Dis letta from Peter. Jesus Christ wen send me all ova da place fo tell peopo da Good Stuff from him.

I stay writing to all you guys dat God wen pick. You guys make house all ova Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, an Bitynia, no matta, you guys not from ova dea. God da Fadda wen pick you guys fo be his guys, cuz he wen know you guys way befo you guys was born. Godʼs Spirit wen make you guys spesho fo him, so you guys can do everyting Jesus Christ tell you guys fo do. Jesus wen mahke fo you guys. Wen you guys do everyting Jesus tell you fo do, dass jalike God sprinkle Jesus blood on top you guys fo show dat you guys stay spesho fo him.

I like God do plenny good tings fo you guys, an help you guys hearts fo rest inside.

We Stay Trus God, An Our Hearts Wait Fo Him

I like everybody fo tell how good God our Fadda an his Boy, da Boss Jesus Christ, stay. God, his Fadda, he give us guys plenny chance. Wen Jesus Christ wen mahke, he wen come back alive again. So den, Christ wen make us live new kine life, jalike we wen born one mo time. Dass why we stay trus Christ, cuz we know fo shua he goin take care us bumbye. Jalike one fadda leave stuffs fo his kids wen he mahke, Jesus wen make good tings ready fo us in da sky. Da stuff he goin give us no goin get wipe out, o come pilau, o come pau. You guys trus God, an he get plenny power fo help you guys. He take care you guys, an he no let nobody hemo you guys from him. Wen da last time come, he goin show how he wen take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay in.

Dass why you guys feel plenny good inside, no matta now fo litto wile you guys gotta suffa plenny, cuz you get all kine hard time. Stay happening lidat, so dat everybody goin see dat you guys trus God fo real. Jalike dey put da gold inside da fire fo wipe out all da junk stuff. Dass jalike why you guys suffa now, fo wipe out da junks you guys get inside, an fo show everybody dat you guys trus God fo real. All dat mo betta den da gold. Cuz bumbye wen Jesus Christ come back, da peopo goin tell how awesome he stay, an dey goin get plenny respeck fo him.

No matta you guys neva see Jesus, still yet you get love an aloha fo him. You guys still no can see him, but still yet you guys trus him. You guys feel so plenny good inside, you no can tell how awesome you feel. Cuz you guys stay getting da main ting you guys trus God fo: he hemo da bad kine stuff you guys stay in from you guys.

10 Da way God stay hemo da bad kine stuff you guys stay in from you guys, da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago, dey wen talk bout wat stay happening right now. Dey wen tell bout how God goin do plenny stuff fo you guys. Dem talka guys wen look real good, an check out plenny stuffs, fo find out bout da good ting you guys get. 11 Christʼs Spirit inside dem wen tell um how Christ goin suffa, an afta dat, all da awesome tings dat goin happen. So dem guys wen go try find out da time an how goin stay wen all dat stuff goin happen. 12 Da Spirit wen show da talka guys dat all dat kine stuff dey talking bout, no goin happen fo dem, but bumbye goin happen fo you guys. An now you guys wen hear bout um, cuz Godʼs Spesho Spirit from da sky wen help odda guys tell you guys da Good Stuff From God. You know, even da angel messenja guys like figga out all dis stuff plenny.

God Tell Us Fo Stay Spesho Fo Him

13 So den, get yoaself ready fo tink good bout all dis stuff. Watch out! Make shua yoa head stay strait. Stay ready fo trus Jesus Christ all da way till God bring him back, cuz dass wen God goin give you guys all good kine tings. 14 Now you guys gotta make jalike kids dat listen to dea mudda an fadda. No make like da bad kine stuff dat you guys wen like do befo time. Eh, dass wen you guys neva know notting. 15 God, he stay good an spesho. He wen tell you guys fo come be his guys. So, you guys gotta be good an spesho too, everytime, jalike him. 16 Cuz da Bible tell wat God say. He say, “Stay good an spesho inside, cuz I stay good an spesho.”

17 You guys talk to God jalike he yoa Fadda. He da Judge dat check out wat everybody wen do, an he no make like he like one guy mo den anodda. Dass why you guys gotta do everyting hea inside da world wit plenny awesome respeck fo God. 18 You guys know dat Christ wen pay fo cut you guys loose from da bad wase time kine life dat yoa ancesta guys wen leave you. But Christ neva pay fo you guys wit da kine silva o gold money dat goin pau, you know. 19 But he wen pay fo you guys wit his own blood. Dat cost plenny. He wen mahke, jalike one good kine baby sheep dat no mo notting wrong wit um an dey kill fo da sacrifice. 20 Befo God wen make da world, he wen know Christ was goin do all dat. But God neva show Christ to da peopo inside da world till dese last times. An he wen do dat fo you guys. 21 Cuz a wat Christ wen do, you guys can trus God plenny. God wen make Christ come back alive again, an make him come awesome. So now, God da One you guys stay trus, an you stay waiting fo him fo do wat he say.

22 You guys wen do wat stay true, so now you stay all out fo God. Dat make you get real love an aloha fo yoa bruddas an sistas an no ack. Eh, now go get even mo love an aloha fo each odda, cuz yoa heart stay all clean inside. 23 Now jalike you guys wen born one mo time, not from da kine fadda an mudda dat goin mahke, but from da Fadda dat no can mahke. Wat God say, make stuff happen jalike was alive, an wat he say, stay foeva. 24 Da Bible say,

“Everybody stay jalike one grass, o one flower.
    Dey ony nice fo litto bit time.
Den da grass all dry up
    An da flower fall down.
    Afta, dey come no good, an mahke,
25 But wat da Boss say,
    Dat goin go on foeva.”

You know, da ting God say, dass da Good Ting we wen tell you guys.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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