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[a]The Lord cries aloud to the city
    (It is prudent to fear your name!):
    Hear, O tribe and city assembly,
10 Am I to bear criminal hoarding
    and the accursed short ephah?[b]
11 Shall I acquit crooked scales,
    bags of false weights?
12 You whose wealthy are full of violence,
    whose inhabitants speak falsehood
    with deceitful tongues in their mouths!

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  1. 6:9–16 The language of the trial resumes as the Lord accuses the people of their sins (vv. 9–12, 16a) and announces their punishment (vv. 13–15, 16b). The city is Jerusalem, and those addressed are its inhabitants. Their wickedness includes cheating in business with false weights and measures, violence, lies, and following the practices of the Israelite kings Omri and Ahab (v. 16a), whose reigns came to symbolize a time of syncretistic worship. The punishment, which has already begun, will include a series of disasters. Finally, the Lord will destroy the city and see that its inhabitants are ridiculed (v. 16b).
  2. 6:10 Ephah: see note on Is 5:10.

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