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Matthew 8 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Make One Lepa Guy Come Good

Jesus wen go down from da mountain, an plenny peopo wen go wit him. An you know wat? Had one lepa guy wen go by him an go down in front him. He say, “Boss, if you like, you can make me come good, yeah? jalike da way God like.” Jesus wen stick out his hand an touch him, an say, “Okay, I do um. Come good.” Right den an dea da lepa guy come good. Den Jesus tell him, “Make shua dat you no tell nobody bout dis. Go, let da priest guy check you out. No foget make da kine sacrifice, now, jalike Moses wen tell in Godʼs Rules. Den everybody goin know dat you stay good now, an you can go pray wit da odda peopo.”

Jesus Make One Captainʼs Worka Guy Come Good

Wen Jesus was going inside Capernaum town, one captain fo da Rome army guys wen come by him fo beg um, “Boss, I get one worka guy dat stay home sick. He no can move, an he stay suffa plenny.”

Jesus tell him, “Kay. I goin go yoa house fo make him come good.” But da captain say, “Eh Boss, you know, I not good nuff fo you fo come inside my house. Ony say da ting, den my worka guy goin come good. You know, I get one army boss who tell me wat fo do. An I tell my army guys wat fo do. I tell dis guy, ‘Go,’ an he go. An I tell dat guy, ‘Come,’ an he come. An my slave guy, I tell um, ‘Do dis,’ an he do um.”

10 Jesus wen hear dat, an he tell da odda guys dat stay following him, “Ho! Dis guy get um! An I like tell you guys dis: no mo Israel peopo dat trus me lidat! 11 An I like tell you guys one mo ting: wen God in da sky stay King, goin get plenny guys dat goin come from far away an all aroun, east side an west side, an dey all goin make big party togedda wit Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob. 12 But goin get odda guys, God suppose to be dea King, but dey no like um. An den he goin throw um outside inside da dark. Ova dea dey goin cry plenny an grind dea teet cuz dey so huhu an futless.”

13 Den Jesus tell da captain, “Go. Jalike how you stay trus me, dass how goin be fo you now.” Dat same time, da worka guy wen come good.

Jesus Make Plenny Peopo Come Good

14 Den Jesus wen go Peterʼs house. He go inside, an see Peterʼs mudda-in-law on top da bed. She get feva. 15 He wen touch her hand an da feva wen pau. She wen get up an she wen bring food fo Jesus dem. 16 Afta da sun wen go down, den da peopo dea wen bring plenny guys dat get bad kine spirits dat stay take ova dem. Jesus tell da bad kine spirits, “Let um go!” an dey let um go. He make all da sick peopo come good. 17 Dis wen happen jalike da guy Isaiah, who talk fo God long time ago, wen say: “Was him dat wen hemo all our sick an take um away.”

Da Guys Dat Say Dey Going Wit Jesus

18 Bumbye, Jesus wen see choke peopo aroun him. He tell his guys fo go ova da odda side da lake. 19 One teacha guy dat teach Godʼs Rules wen come by him, an say, “Teacha, I goin go wit you weaeva you go.”

20 Jesus tell him, “Da foxes get hole fo house, an da birds in da sky get nest. But me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, I no mo house fo lay down.”

21 One nodda guy dat Jesus stay teaching tell him, “Eh, Boss, try let me go. I no can go wit you till afta my fadda mahke. Gotta bury um, eh?”

22 But Jesus tell him, “You, jus come wit me an be my guy! Let da mahke peopo bury da mahke peopo.”

Jesus Make Da Storm Pau

23 Jesus an his guys wen go inside one boat. 24 Den had one big storm ova dea, an da waves was bussing ova da boat. But Jesus still yet stay sleeping. 25 His guys wen go wake him up, an tell him, “Eh, Boss! Get us outa dis! We goin mahke!” 26 But he aks um, “How come you guys scared? Wot! You guys no trus me?!” Den he get up. He scold all da winds an da waves. Den everyting wen come good. 27 His guys, wen blow dea minds, an den dey say, “Eh, wea dis guy from? Even da winds an da waves do wat he tell um!”

Jesus Make Two Guys Wit Bad Kine Spirits Come Good

28 He go da odda side da lake, dea wea da Gadara peopo get dea land. Had two guys dea dat da bad kine spirits take um ova. Eh, you know, dem guys, dey ack so wild, jalike dey crazy. Dass why nobody strong nuff fo go dat road. Dey live ova dea wea da dead peopo stay buried. Da two guys come outa dea, an den dey go by Jesus. 29 An eh! dey yelling, “Wat you like do to us, Jesus? You Godʼs Boy! You come hea fo make us suffa befo da time come, o wat?”

30 Had plenny pigs near dea, grinding. 31 Da bad kine spirits wen beg Jesus, “Wen you goin make us let go da guy, we like go inside da pigs an take um ova.”

32 He tell um, “Go.” So dey wen let go da guys, an go take ova da pigs. An you know wat? All da pigs wen run down one steep hill an fall ova da cliff inside da lake, an drown inside da water. 33 Den da pig farmas wen run, an go inside da town, an tell everybody wat wen happen. Dey tell bout da guys who get da bad kine spirits too. 34 All da peopo from inside da town wen go out fo see Jesus. An wen dey wen see him, dey beg um fo go way from dea.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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