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Matthew 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

No Make Like One Judge

“If you no like God judge you guys, no judge da odda guys. Da way you guys judge da odda guys, dass how God goin judge you guys too. An da rules you guys use fo judge, he goin use da same rules fo judge you guys.

“How come you try spock one small piece junk inside yoa bruddaʼs eye, cuz you know, awready get one big two by four inside yoa own eye. Eh, an how you goin tell yoa brudda, ‘Eh, try let me pull da small piece junk outa yoa eye,’ wen you get one big two by four inside yoa own eye? You say one ting an do anodda! First you gotta take da big two by four outa yoa own eye. Den you can see good fo take da small piece junk outa yoa bruddaʼs eye.

“No give stuff dat stay spesho fo God to da guys dat goin talk stink bout um an goin waste um. Cuz dey jalike da dogs dat goin turn aroun fo attack you guys. An dey jalike da wild pigs -- if you give um fancy kine jewelry dat worth plenny, dey ony goin walk all ova on top um, den dey goin turn aroun an waste you guys.

Aks, Look, Knock

“Aks God, an you goin get um. Look, an you goin find um. Knock, an God goin open da door fo you. All da guys dat aks, goin get. All da guys dat look fo someting, goin find um. All da guys dat stay knocking on top da door, God goin open da door fo dem. If yoa boy aks you fo bread, you goin give um one rock, o wat? 10 If he aks fo one fish, you goin give um one snake, o wat? 11 Eh, no matta you guys no good, still yet you guys know how fo give good kine stuffs to yoa kids. Fo shua den, yoa Fadda in da sky goin give good kine stuffs to da peopo dat aks him. 12 So, wateva you guys like peopo do to you guys bumbye, make lidat to dem, same ting, now. Dis everyting dat Godʼs Rules say in da Bible, an everyting dat Godʼs talkas wen teach.

Da Skinny Gate

13 “Fo go inside Godʼs place, go inside thru da skinny gate. Get one nodda gate dat stay wide an get plenny room. Dass da gate fo da road fo take you to Hell, an get plenny guys going dat way. 14 But da real gate stay skinny an da real road mo smalla. Dass da one fo bring you to God who goin make you live fo real kine, an ony litto bit guys goin pick dat road.

Da Fruit Tree

15 “Watch out da guys dat say dey talk fo God an teach stuff dat not true. Dey ony make bulai kine. Dey come by you guys an ack all good kine, but fo real kine, inside dey like eat you up, jalike dey wild dogs dat try fo look like dey sheeps. 16 You goin know um by da kine stuff dey do. No can pick da grape o da fig from da kine tree wit thorns, yeah? 17 Da good kine tree goin give good kine fruit, an da no good kine tree goin give junk kine fruit. 18 Da good kine tree no can give junk kine fruit, an da no good kine tree no can give good kine fruit. 19 All da trees dat no give good kine fruit, dey cut um down an throw um on top da fire. 20 From da kine stuff dey stay doing, you goin know wat kine peopo dem.

I Donno You Guys

21 “Goin get peopo dat stay tell me, ‘Eh Boss! Boss!’ But not all a dem goin get God in da sky fo dea King. Ony da peopo dat do wat my Fadda in da sky like, dey going get him fo dea King. 22 Wen dat time come, plenny peopo goin tell me, ‘Eh, Boss, we wen tell everybody we yoa guys wen we wen talk fo you, an wen we wen make da bad kine spirits let go peopo, an wen we wen do stuffs dat show yoa power.’ 23 I goin tell um strait, ‘Who you? I donno you guys. Go way from me! You guys stay broke da Rules dat God wen make.’

Da Two House Builda Guys

24 “So you know, whoeva hear wat I say, an go do um, he jalike one smart guy dat make plan, den he build his house on top wea stay solid rock. 25 Da rain wen come, an get plenny water, an da wind wen come from all ova da place, an wen pound da house hard. But da house no fall down, cuz he wen build um wea stay solid rock.

26 “All da guys dat hear wat I say, an no do um, dey jalike one guy dat not tinking, an he build his house wea ony get sand. 27 Da rain wen come, an get plenny water, an da wind wen come from all ova da place, an pound da house hard. Az da house dat wen fall down an wen wipe out!”

Jesus Teach Wit Plenny Power

28 Wen Jesus pau teach, all da peopo, wen blow dea minds fo wat he teach um, 29 cuz he teach wit plenny power. He not jalike da teacha guys dat teach Godʼs Rules, dey no mo power.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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