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Matthew 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Devil Try Presha Jesus Do Bad Kine Stuffs

Afta dat, Godʼs Spirit take Jesus to da boonies, so da main Devil can try presha him make um do bad kine stuff. Forty day, forty nite, Jesus pray an he neva like eat notting. Afta dat time he stay real hungry. So da Devil wen go by him an presha him. He tell Jesus, “So, wat? You Godʼs Boy fo real kine? Den tell dese rocks hea fo come food.”

But Jesus say, “Da Bible say,

‘No mo nobody dat can live ony on food,
    Gotta listen to everyting God say,
Fo live fo real kine.’ ”

Den da Devil take him to Jerusalem, da town dat stay spesho fo God, an make him go up da big tower on top da temple. Da Devil say, “So, wat? You Godʼs Boy fo real kine? Kay den, go jump down dea, cuz da Bible say,

‘God goin tell his angel messenja guys fo take care you.

Da Bible say dis too:

Dey goin bring you down wit dea hands,
    So yoa foot no hit da rocks.’ ”

But Jesus tell him, “Da Bible say: ‘God, he yoa Boss. So no try presha him fo make um show proof dat he God.’ ”

Den da Devil take him up on top one big mountain, an show him all da diffren countries all ova da world, an how awesome dey stay. Da Devil tell um, “I give you all dis, if you go down an give me plenny respeck.”

10 Jesus tell him, “Beat it, Devil! Da Bible say,

‘Gotta go down on yoa knees
    An give plenny respeck to God yoa Boss,
    An live an work ony fo him.’ ”

11 Den da Devil go way from Jesus, an you know wat? Angel guys from da Boss come an kokua Jesus.

Jesus Start Fo Teach Galilee Side

12 Dat time, Herod guys wen throw John Da Baptiza Guy in jail. Jesus wen hear dat, an he go Galilee side. 13 He go Nazaret town, an den go from dea, an make house inside Capernaum. Dass one town by da lake side, ova dea Zebulun an Naftali side. 14 Dis wen happen jalike da guy Isaiah wen say, who talk fo God long time ago:

15 “Zebulun side, Naftali side,
    On top da road to da lake, da odda side Jordan River,
    Galilee side wea get diffren peopos dat donno God,
16 Da peopo ova dea dat stay inside da dark,
    Dey see one big light now.
An all da guys dat stay
    In da dark place wea peopo goin mahke,
    Da light come fo dem.”

17 Dass wen Jesus start fo teach da peopo. He say, “You guys gotta come sorry fo all da kine bad stuff you doing, an no do um no moa, cuz God in da sky stay King hea now.”

Jesus Tell Four Fisha Guys Fo Come Wit Him

18 One time Jesus walking by Galilee Lake, an he spock two bruddas, Simon da guy dey call Peter, an Andrew his brudda. Dey stay throwing net inside da water, cuz dey fisha guys. 19 He tell um, “Eh, you guys! Go wit me! Da way you guys bring in da fish, I goin teach you guys how fo bring in peopo too!” 20 Right den an dea, dey jus wen leave da nets, an go wit him.

21 Going from dea, he spock two odda bruddas, James an his brudda John. Zebedee, dea fadda. Dey inside da boat wit dea fadda, fixing da nets. Jesus tell um fo come. 22 Dey go way from da boat an dea fadda, an go wit him right den an dea.

Jesus Teach An Make Peopo Come Good

23 Den Jesus wen go all ova Galilee, teaching inside da Jewish churches. He telling da peopo all da Good Kine Stuff bout how dey can get God fo dea King, an he making all da sick peopo come good from all kine sick. 24 Everybody hear bout him, from dea all ova Syria. Dey bring all da peopo wit all kine sick by him: everybody dat hurt, an suffa plenny, da peopo dat get bad spirits dat wen take ova dem, peopo dat shake an roll all ova, an peopo dat no can move. An Jesus make um all come good. 25 Plenny peopo wen go wit him from Galilee side, from all da Ten Towns, from Jerusalem, from Judea, an from da odda side Jordan River.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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