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Matthew 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

John Da Baptiza Guy Teach Da Peopo

Afta Jesus wen grow up, John Da Baptiza guy show up inside da boonies Judea side, fo teach da peopo. He say, “You guys gotta like pau all da kine bad stuff you stay doing now, an no do um no moa. Cuz God in da sky stay King hea now.” Befo time, da guy who talk fo God, Isaiah, was talking bout John wen he say dis:

“He goin talk real loud inside da boonies,
    ‘Eh! Make da road ready fo da Good Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky!
Make um strait fo him!’ ”

An you know, John, his clothes eh, come from da camel hair. He wen make one rope outa leather fo belt. He eat grasshoppa, an he get honey from da bees. Had choke peopo, dey going by him ova dea, from Jerusalem, an from Judea, an from all ova from da Jordan River side. Dey telling strait out all da kine bad stuff dey wen do, an he baptizing dem in da Jordan River.

Plenny Pharisee guys an Sadducee guys come so he can baptize dem too. He see um, an say, “Eh you guys! You guys jalike one snake ohana! God no goin take all da bad kine stuff you do. He goin punish you guys fo dat. No way you guys can get away! Jalike one fruit tree give same kine fruit, you guys gotta do da kine good stuff dat show you like pau all da kine bad stuff you doing, an no do um no moa. Eh! No tink an tell yoaself, ‘Us guys all right, cuz Abraham our main fadda.’ I telling you guys now, God can take dese rocks ova hea an make kids fo Abraham outa dem. 10 Awready get one guy wit one ax, all ready fo cut da tree roots. All da trees dat no make good fruit, he goin cut um, an throw um inside da fire.

11 “All you guys, I goin baptize you guys wit water. Dat goin show dat you guys like pau all da kine bad stuff you doing an no do um no moa. But afta me, goin come one nodda guy. He get mo power den me. An you know wat? I not even spesho nuff fo help him hemo his slippas. Da way he goin baptize you guys, jalike he goin baptize you guys wit Godʼs Good an Spesho Spirit fo take ova you, jalike he baptize you guys wit fire! 12 Jalike he goin put all da wheat inside da basket an let da wind blow all da no good parts from da wheat, an den he goin put dat wheat inside da storage place. Afta dat, he goin burn all da no good parts inside da fire dat neva eva goin go out.”

John Baptize Jesus

13 Dat time, Jesus come from Galilee side to da Jordan River wea John stay, so John can baptize him. 14 But John wen tell Jesus, “How come you come by me? Eh, me, I no can baptize you. Eh, mo betta you baptize me! I need dat.”

15 But Jesus say, “No need worry. Dis okay fo now, fo show we like do everyting da right way.”

So John say, “Okay, we go den.” An he baptize Jesus. 16 Right afta John baptize him, Jesus come out from da water, an you know wat? Da sky wen rip open. Jesus spock Godʼs Spirit coming down on top him. Look jalike one dove. 17 An wow! Had one voice from da sky wen say, “Dis my boy. I get love an aloha fo him fo real kine, an I stay good inside cuz a him!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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