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Matthew 28 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Come Back Alive

28 Afta da Rest Day pau, was da first day in da week. An ony get litto bit light inside da sky. Dat time, Mary from Magdala an da odda Mary wen go da tomb fo look.

Right den an dea, da groun wen shake real hard all ova, cuz one angel messenja guy from da Boss come down from inside da sky. He push da big rock away from da opening part, an wen sit down on top da rock. He look jalike da light from da lightning, an his clotheses was real white jalike da snow. Da police guards stay so scared a da angel, dey stay shaking all ova, an dey look jalike mahke kine guys.

Da angel guy tell da wahines, “Eh, no scared! I know you guys looking fo Jesus, da guy dey wen kill on top da cross. Eh, he no stay ova hea, cuz God wen make um come back alive, jalike Jesus wen say befo time. Come! Try look da place wea he wen lay. Den eh, go hurry up! Tell da guys he wen teach, dat God wen make um come back alive from mahke awready. An you know, he going Galilee side first, den you guys suppose to go ova dea too. Dass da place wea you guys goin see him. So, dass it! Dass wat I suppose to tell you guys.”

Da wahines, dey wen run from da tomb fo tell his guys. Dey real scared, but same time, dey stay real good inside. Right den Jesus wen meet um, an he say, “Aloha!” Dey go by him, an go down, an touch his feet, an dey give him plenny love an respeck. 10 An Jesus tell um, “Eh, no scared! Go tell my brudda guys fo go Galilee side. Dass da place wea dey goin see me.”

Da Police Guys Tell Wat Wen Happen

11 Wen da wahines going, same time some a da guys dat was guarding da tomb wen go back inside Jerusalem town an tell da main priest guys wat wen happen. 12 So da main priest guys all come togedda wit da older leadas, fo figga wat fo do. Den dey give plenny money to da guys dat was guarding da tomb. 13 Da priest guys tell um, “Tell da peopo, ‘Come dark time, wen us guys sleeping, Jesus guys wen steal da body.’ 14 If da governa hear bout dis ting, us guys goin tell um you guys okay, so you guys no need worry.” 15 So da guys dat was guarding da tomb wen take da money an do wat da leada guys wen tell um. An dass wat da Jewish peopo still yet stay telling today.

Jesus Go By His Guys

16 Den Jesus eleven guys go Galilee, to da mountain wea Jesus wen tell um fo go. 17 Wen dey wen see him ova dea, dey go down an give um plenny love an respeck. But still had guys dat still yet not shua wat stay happening.

18 Den Jesus go near dem an say, “God wen give me all da power, so now I in charge a everyting all ova da world an inside da sky. 19 So you guys, go all ova da world an teach all da diffren peopos, so dey can learn bout me an come my guys. Baptize dem, an dey goin come tight wit my Fadda, an me his Boy, an Godʼs Good an Spesho Spirit. 20 Teach um how fo do everyting dat I wen tell you guys fo do. An you know wat? I goin stick wit you guys all da way, till da world goin pau.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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