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Matthew 26 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Dey Make Plan Fo Kill Jesus

26 Afta Jesus pau teach all dis stuff, he tell his guys, “You guys know dis awready -- get ony two days till da Passova time. I da Guy Who Fo Real, but wen da Passova time come, dey goin set me up fo kill me on top one cross.”

Dat time, da main priest guys an da older leadas fo da peopo wen come togedda inside da Head Priest guy palace. Kaiafas, he da Head Priest dat time. Dey say, “How we goin trick Jesus so we can bus um? Den we can kill um.” Dey say, “We no can do um wen get da Passova time, cuz bumbye da peopo goin make big noise an fight.”

One Wahine Put Perfume On Top Jesus Head

Jesus was Simonʼs house, inside Betany town. Simon, he was one lepa guy befo time. Wen Jesus stay eating ova dea, had one wahine dat wen bring one fancy bottle made from alabaster rock. Inside had da kine fancy perfume dat cost plenny. She wen put da perfume on top his head wen he was eating. Jesus guys wen see dat, an dey wen come all huhu. Dey say, “How come she throw way her money lidat? How come she neva sell dat perfume fo plenny money, an give um to da peopo dat no mo notting?”

10 Wen Jesus wen know wat dey saying, he tell um, “How come you guys give dis wahine hard time? Eh! No bodda her! She wen do dis fo me wit plenny aloha. 11 Everytime goin get poor peopo stay wit you guys, but I no goin stay wit you guys everytime, you know. 12 Wen she wen put dis perfume on top me, dis wen make me ready fo wen dey goin bury me. 13 Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: weaevas my guys goin teach da Good Kine Stuff Bout Me, all ova da whole world, dey goin tell wat dis wahine wen do, an da peopo goin rememba her.”

Judas Set Jesus Up

14 Den Judas Iscariot wen go talk to da main priest guys. He one a Jesus twelve guys. 15 He aks um, “Eh, how much money you guys goin give me if I set him up fo you guys?” So dey make one deal an give him thirty silva coins. 16 From den Judas wen look fo one chance fo set Jesus up.

Jesus Eat Da Passova Food Wit His Guys

17 Every year, get one week jus fo da Bread Dat No Mo Yeast. Dass da time wen dey no put yeast inside da bread fo make um come big. On da first day, Jesus guys wen go by him an aks um, “Wea you like us make da stuff ready fo you fo eat da Passova kine food?”

18 He say, “Go by dis one guy inside town. Tell um, ‘Da Teacha say: Time awready fo me. I like eat da Passova food wit my guys inside yoa house.’ ” 19 So da guys wen do jalike he wen tell um, an dey make da food ready fo da Passova dinna.

20 Afta da sun go down, Jesus sit down fo eat wit his twelve guys. 21 Dey eating, an he say, “I tell you guys fo shua, one a you guys goin set me up.”

22 Dey come real sad, an each guy tell um, one afta da odda, “Boss, eh, fo shua you not talking bout me, yeah?”

23 Jesus say, “Da guy who wen put his piece bread inside da same sauce wit me, he da guy dat goin set me up. 24 I da Guy Who Fo Real. I goin mahke jalike da Bible wen say befo time. But auwe! Da guy who goin set me up goin get it! Mo betta he neva been born!”

25 Judas, da guy who goin set him up, he say, “Teacha, eh, fo shua you not talking bout me, yeah?”

Jesus tell him, “Fo shua, you da guy.”

Da Dinna Wit Da Boss

26 Dey eating, an Jesus take one piece bread an tell God he good heart fo give peopo food. He broke da bread, an give um to his guys. He tell um, “Take dis an eat um. Dis hea, my body.”

27 Den Jesus wen take da cup, an tell God “Mahalo plenny!” an give um to his guys. He say, “All you guys, drink dis. 28 Dis hea, my blood fo make solid da new deal dat God making. Dey goin kill me, an my blood goin come out from my body jalike wen dey kill one sacrifice. Dat goin help plenny peopo, so God can let um go an hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey do. 29 An I telling you guys, afta dis, I no goin drink dis kine wine, till da time come wen we all stay togedda wea my Fadda stay King. Dat time, I goin drink da new kine wine wit you guys.”

30 Jesus dem wen sing one song fo tell God “Mahalo,” an wen go by Olive Ridge.

Peter Goin Say He Donno Who Jesus

31 Ova dea, Jesus tell um, “All you guys goin bum out cuz you no can handle da shame fo wat goin happen to me tonite. Cuz God wen say befo time inside da Bible, ‘I goin kill da sheep farma, an all his sheeps goin run all ova da place.’ 32 But I goin come back alive afta I mahke, an den, I going Galilee side. Den you guys goin go by me ova dea.”

33 Den Peter say, “Eh, no way, Boss! No matta all da odda guys bum out an like go way from you, eh, no way I eva goin do dat!”

34 Jesus tell him, “You tink so? I tell you dis: Befo da roosta make noise early today, three times you goin say dat you donno who me.”

35 But Peter tell him, “No way! Not even! No matta I gotta mahke wit you, no way I goin say I donno who you!” An all da odda guys say same ting.

Jesus Pray Inside Getsemane Place

36 Den Jesus dem go da place dey call Getsemane. He tell da guys, “Sit down ova hea an wait. I going ova dea fo pray.”

37 He take Peter an da two Zebedee boys wit him. Den he wen come real sore inside, an he get plenny stress inside him. 38 He tell um, “Eh, you know, my heart stay real sad, jalike I goin mahke. No go sleep -- stay ova hea wit me.”

39 He go mo down, an go down on top da groun, an talk to God lidis: “Eh, God, you my Fadda. If you can, no let me suffa lidis. But if no can, dass okay. I like do um da way you like me do um.”

40 He go back by his guys, an dey stay sleeping. He tell Peter, “So, wat? You guys no can stay up wit me fo ony one hour? 41 Hang in dea an aks God fo help you, so you no go do da bad kine stuff wen you get chance. You know, inside, I know you guys like do da right ting, but you guys no can do um, cuz you guys no stay strong inside.”

42 Den Jesus go talk to God one mo time, an say, “Fadda, if dis kine suffa no can go way from me, ony if I take um, az okay, I still yet do um. I like do um da way you like me do um.”

43 Jesus come back, an his guys stay sleeping again, cuz dea eyes no can stay open. 44 So he go way from dem one mo time, an talk to God one mo time, an he say da same tings jalike befo.

45 Jesus come back by his guys an say, “So, wat? You guys still sleeping an resting! Nuff awready! Da time stay now! I da Guy Who Fo Real, an dey goin set me up fo da bad guys. 46 Get up! We go by dem now. Da guy who wen set me up stay hea now awready.”

Dey Bus Jesus

47 Wen Jesus still talking, Judas, one a his twelve guys, wen come ova dea. Had plenny odda guys wit him. Dey carry swords an clubs. Da main priest guys, an da older leadas, dey da guys who wen send um. 48 Now, befo time, Judas wen tell um, “Da guy I goin kiss, az da guy. Grab um an tell da police guys fo take um!”

49 So Judas wen go by Jesus an say, “Aloha, Teacha!” an wen kiss um.

50 Jesus wen tell um, “My friend, do wat you wen come ova hea fo do.” Den da odda guys come an grab Jesus an take um.

51 An you know wat? One a Jesus guys wen grab his sword an hit one guy dat work fo da Head Priest, an cut off one a his ears. 52 Jesus tell him, “Put away yoa sword. Everybody who use his sword fo beef goin die from da sword. 53 Tink bout dis: right now I can aks my Fadda fo help, an he goin send me mo den twelve armies a angel guys. 54 But gotta happen dis way, so dat da tings da Bible wen say befo time, goin happen.”

55 Right den an dea he tell all da peopo, “You guys tink I one crook, o wat? You guys tink you gotta come afta me wit swords an clubs fo bus me? Eh, I was wit you guys teaching inside da temple yard every day, an you neva bus me dat time. 56 But all dis gotta happen, jalike da guys dat wen talk fo God wen write inside da Bible.” Den all his guys wen bag, an he stay dea all by himself.

Jesus Stand In Front Da Main Leada Guys

57 Da guys who wen bus Jesus wen bring um in front Kaiafas, da Head Priest guy. Ova dea da teacha guys who teach Godʼs Rules an da older leadas fo da peopo wen come togedda. 58 Peter wen follow Jesus to da Head Priest place, but he wen stay far. He go inside da yard an sit down ova dea wit da police guys fo see wat goin happen.

59 Da main priest guys an all da main leadas wen try fo find guys fo bulai bout Jesus in front da judge, so da leada guys can kill Jesus. 60 Plenny guys come an try bulai bout Jesus, but still yet dey no can find nobody dat say wat da leada guys like. In da end two guys wen come. 61 Dey say, “Eh, dis bugga wen tell peopo, ‘I can broke down Godʼs temple, an den, befo three days pau, I goin build um up again.’ ”

62 Den da Head Priest guy wen stand up an say, “Eh, you no hear wat dese guys saying bout you? You no goin say notting, o wat?”

63 But Jesus no talk. So da Head Priest guy tell him, “Eh, you! You gotta swear to God bout dis. Tell us in front da God who stay alive fo real kine! Tell us dat, if you da Christ guy dat God suppose to send. You Godʼs Boy, o wat?”

64 Den Jesus tell um, “You da guy wen jus say dat. I even telling you guys, bumbye you guys goin see me, sitting down on top da spesho place by da God Who Get All Da Power, right dea on his right side. An I goin come back on top da clouds inside da sky. Den you goin see me, I da Guy Who Fo Real.”

65 Den da Head Priest guy wen rip his own clothes cuz he wen come real mad, fo show dat he tink Jesus wen talk stink bout God. He say, “Wat you guys tink now? No need mo plenny guys fo tell wat dey wen see an hear bout him, yeah? You guys wen hear da bad kine stuff he say bout God! 66 Wat you guys tink?”

Dey all say, “He gotta mahke!”

67 Den dey spit on top Jesus face, an punch him, an some guys slap his head wit dea hand. 68 Dey tell Jesus, “Eh you, da Christ guy! If you one talka fo God, tell us who wen wack you!”

Peter Say He Donno Who Jesus

69 All dis time Peter stay sitting outside da house, inside da yard. Had one girl who work fo da Head Priest guy wen go by him, an say, “Eh, you was wit Jesus too, yeah? da bugga from Galilee side, aah?”

70 But he tell everybody, “No way! I donno wat you talking bout!”

71 Den he go ova dea by da gate, an had one nodda girl dat work ova dea, she wen spock him. She tell da guys who standing ova dea, “Hey! Dis da bugga was wit Jesus, you know, da guy from Nazaret town!”

72 Den Peter say, “Not! I swear to God, I donno who dat!”

73 Den bumbye, da guys who was standing near Peter say, “Yeah! You one a dem guys too! You talk jalike you from dat place!”

74 Peter swear real bad, an den he say, “God punish me if I no tell you da trut: I donno who dat!” Right den an dea, da roosta wen make big noise.

75 Den Peter rememba wat Jesus wen say, “Befo da roosta make noise, three times you goin say you donno who me.” So den he wen go outside an broke down an bus out crying.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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