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Matthew 24 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Say, “Da Temple, Dey Goin Bus Um Up”

24 Jesus was going outside from da temple yard, an his guys come an say, “Eh, Teacha, check out da buildings ova hea! Ho ka! Awesome, yeah?”

Jesus say, “Eh, az right! An I like tell you guys dis too: You know all dis stuff? Bumbye no goin get one stone on top da odda ova hea. Goin be all throw down from how dey stay.”

Peopo Goin Suffa

Den bumbye, Jesus wen go Olive Ridge an sit down ova dea. Wen no mo odda guys dea, his guys go by him. Dey aks him, “Wat time all dat kine stuff goin happen? An wat kine ting goin happen fo show us wen you goin come back ova hea, an wen da world goin pau?”

Jesus tell um, “Watch out! No let nobody fool you guys! Plenny guys goin show up an try ack jalike dey me. Dey goin say, ‘Eh, me, I dat Spesho Christ Guy From God!’ An dey goin fool plenny peopo lidat. You guys goin hear da war dat stay by us guys, an you guys goin hear bout da wars dat stay all ova da odda places. No freak out. All dat kine stuff gotta happen, but dat no goin mean everyting goin pau yet. Goin get fighting. One country goin start fight one nodda country. One king goin fight one nodda king. Plenny peopo goin get notting fo eat. Plenny diffren places, da groun goin shake hard plenny. Peopo goin suffa plenny, but all dat, ony fo start.

“Dat time, dey goin set you guys up an make you guys suffa, an dey goin kill you guys. All da diffren kine peopos all ova da world goin hate you guys cuz you stay my guys. 10 Den, goin get plenny guys dat goin stop trussing me, cuz dey no can handle wat stay happening. An dey goin hate each odda an set up dea own bruddas. 11 Goin get plenny guys dat goin show up an say dey hea fo talk fo God, but dey ony bulai, an dey goin fool plenny peopo. 12 Goin get mo an mo peopo dat goin everytime broke Godʼs Rules mo an moa, az why plenny peopo no goin get aloha fo each odda no moa. 13 But whoeva can handle an hang in dea till all dis pau, dey da ones dat goin come out okay. 14 All ova da world goin get peopo dat goin tell all da Good Kine Stuff bout how peopo can get God fo dea King. All da diffren kine peopos goin hear wass fo real, an den, everyting goin pau.

Someting Real Bad Goin Mess Up Everyting

15 “Daniel, da guy dat wen talk fo God befo time, he wen say dat someting dat God hate plenny, goin happen. Dat ting so bad, goin mess up everyting an make everybody jus bag. Da ting goin stand inside da place dat stay spesho fo God. (Whoeva read dis, dey gotta figga um out.) 16 You know, wen you guys see dat happen, if you stay Judea side, go run to da mountains. 17 If you stay on top one house dat get flat roof, no go inside fo take yoa stuffs wit you. 18 If you stay inside da fields, no go home fo get yoa clotheses. 19 Dat time, goin get hard time fo da hapai wahines an da muddas dat stay nursing dea babies!

20 “Aks God fo no let dis stuff happen winta time o on da Rest Day. 21 Cuz dat time everybody goin choken suffa to da max. Neva have notting lidat eva wen happen befo, not even from wen God wen make da world till now, an no goin get notting lidat eva goin happen again. 22 But God goin make dat time mo short, so goin get peopo dat goin come out okay. Da Boss like help da peopo he wen pick, dass why he goin make dat suffa plenny time mo short.

23 “Dat time, if get one guy dat tell you guys, ‘Eh, look! Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he stay ova hea!’ o ‘He stay ova dea!’ no go trus dat kine guy! 24 Goin get plenny fake kine guys who say dey Christ, an goin get plenny fake kine guys who say dey talk fo God. Dey goin do unreal an awesome stuff fo try show proof dat dey fo real, an dey goin even try fool da peopo dat God wen pick.

25 “Eh! Befo all dat happen, I stay telling you guys everyting now awready. 26 If some guys say, ‘Eh! Christ stay inside da boonies!’ no go ova dea. If dey say, ‘Eh! He stay inside dat house ova dea!’ no trus um notting. 27 I da Guy Dass fo Real, an wen I come back, goin be jalike wen da lightning come from da east side an shine all ova to da west side. 28 Wen dat happen, you guys goin know wea I stay. Jalike everybody know wea get someting mahke wen da scavenja birds come togedda ova dea.

Da Guy Dass Fo Real Goin Come Back

29 “Right afta dat time fo suffa plenny, dis wat goin happen:

‘Da sun goin come black.
    Da moon no goin shine.
Da stars goin fall down from da sky.
    An all da spirits inside da sky dat get plenny power,
Dey goin come all kapakahi.’

30 “I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Dat time, da peopo goin see someting up dea inside da sky dat goin show dem dat I stay coming. An all da diffren kine peopos all ova da world goin cry hard an be real sad. Den dey goin spock me, da Guy Dass Fo Real. I coming on top da clouds inside da sky. I goin come wit power an I goin be awesome! 31 Da trumpet goin make big noise, an I goin send my angel messenja guys fo bring togedda all da peopo dat God wen pick from all ova da world, every place dat get undaneat da sky.

Da Fig Tree Teach Us Someting

32 “Eh you guys, try learn someting from da fig tree. Wen da fig tree make new branch an get new leaf, you guys goin know dat summa time stay coming. 33 Same ting, wen you guys see all dis stuff happen, den you goin know, I stay coming an everyting stay ready. 34 Dass right! An I tell you guys dis too: From da peopo dat stay ova hea right now, get guys dat no goin mahke befo all dis stuff goin happen. 35 Da world an da sky goin pau, but da tings I say no goin pau, eva.

Nobody Know Da Day O Da Time Dat Goin Happen

36 “Nobody know wen all dat goin happen, not even da day o da time. Da angel guys inside da sky, even dem, dey donno. Even me, I Godʼs Boy, an I donno da time. Ony my Fadda know da time!

37 “I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Wen I come back, everyting goin be jalike befo time wen da guy Noah wen stay. 38 Dat time, befo da big water wen come, everybody was eating an drinking. Dey was getting married an giving dea girls fo get married. Dey still was doing dat till da time wen Noah wen go inside da big boat. 39 Da odda peopo, dey neva know wat was goin happen, till da big water wen come an wipe um out. You know, I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an wen I come back, goin be same ting lidat.

40 “Goin get two guys working inside one field. God goin take one guy, an he no goin take da odda guy. 41 Goin get two wahines working togedda fo make flour fo bread wit one grinding stone. God goin take one wahine, an he no goin take da odda.

42 “So, watch out! Cuz you guys donno wat time yoa Boss goin come back. 43 But you guys gotta figga dis: If da head guy inside da house wen know wat time da steala guy goin come, he goin watch out fo um. He no goin let um inside fo bus up his place. 44 Az why you guys betta be ready, cuz I da Guy Dass Fo Real. Da time you guys tink I no goin come, dass wen I goin come.

Da Worka Guy Da Boss Can Trus

45 “So den, good fo be jalike one worka guy dat da boss can trus cuz da guy tink plenny how fo do tings right. He da guy, da boss goin make him da luna in charge a his house an his ohana, so he can give everybody dea food wen da right time stay. 46 Wen da boss come back, da worka guy goin stay good inside if he stay doing jalike his boss wen tell him. 47 Dass right! An I tell you guys dis too: Da boss goin put dat guy in charge a everyting he get.

48 “But if dat worka guy do bad kine stuff, den he goin tink, ‘Eh, long time my boss no goin come back.’ 49 An he goin start fo bus up da odda worka guys, an he goin eat an drink wit all da odda drunk guys. 50 Den goin get one time, da boss goin come back an da worka tink he still yet not coming, an donno wat time he stay coming. 51 Den da boss goin bus him up, an throw him outside wit da bulaia kine guys who say one ting an do anodda. Ova dea da guys goin cry real hard an grind dea teet cuz dey so huhu an futless.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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