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Matthew 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Smart Guys Who Know Plenny Bout Da Stars

Jesus, he born Betlehem town, Judea side. Herod, he da king dat time. An you know wat? Had dese smart guys who know plenny bout da stars, wen come Jerusalem town from one far place, from da east side. Dey saying, “Wea da boy dat born, da King fo da Jews? We wen spock one star come up da east side dat show dat he born awready, an we come hea fo go down in front him an show him plenny respeck.” King Herod hear dat, an he all shook up an scared. All da peopo inside Jerusalem town, dey all shook up an scared too.

Den Herod wen tell fo come by him all da main priest guys an all da teacha guys who teach Godʼs Rules to da peopo. He say, “Try tell me wea Godʼs Spesho Guy goin born.” Dey tell um, “He goin born Betlehem, Judea side. Cuz da guy Micah wen say (he one guy dat talk fo God long time ago),

‘Eh! You Betlehem guys, ova dea Judah side!
    All da leadas inside Judah
Tink Betlehem importan.
    Cuz from dea goin come one leada.
He goin take care Godʼs peopo,
    Da Israel peopo.’ ”

Den Herod tell da guys who know plenny bout da stars fo come by him. Dey wen come, but dey neva tell nobody. He find out from dem wat time da star wen show up inside da sky. Den he send um Betlehem. He say, “Go! Look all ova da place till you find da boy. Den come back ova hea an tell me. Cuz I like go dea, fo go down in front him an show him respeck too.”

Afta dey hear wat da king say, dey go. An you know wat? Dat same star, da one dey wen see befo, wen dey wen stay east side, dat star go in front dem, an stop right ova da place wea da boy stay. 10 Dey wen spock da star, an eh! dey wen feel real good inside.

11 Dey go inside da house. Dey see da boy an his mudda Mary. Dey go down in front him an show him respeck. Den dey take out dea rich stuffs, an give um to Jesus. Dey give um gold, incense, an spesho kine perfume. 12 Afta dat dey get one dream from God. He tell um, “You guys betta not go back by King Herod.” So dey go home one diffren way.

Dey Run Away Egypt Side

13 Afta da guys who know plenny bout da stars wen go home, you know wat? Had one angel guy from da Boss Up Dea come by Joseph, wen he stay dreaming. Da angel guy tell him, “Eh Joseph! Wake up! Take yoa boy an his mudda, an go run Egypt side. Stay ova dea till I tell you fo come back. King Herod, he goin look fo da boy fo kill him, dass why.” 14 So Joseph get up, an take his boy an Mary, an dey wen run Egypt side, dat nite.

15 Dey stay dea till Herod wen mahke. Wen all dis happen, was jalike Hosea wen say, da guy dat talk fo God long time ago, “I wen tell my boy fo come outa Egypt.”

Herod Kill da Kids

16 King Herod, he wen find out eh, dat da guys dat know plenny bout da stars wen fool him, an he wen come so wild, he wen go send his army guys an tell um, “Go kill all da small boys inside Betlehem an all da odda place ova dea.” Den dey wen kill all da boys two years old an mo younga. Herod wen figga da time, cuz da guys who know plenny bout da stars wen tell him wat time da star wen show up first time.

17 Dis happen jalike Jeremiah wen say, da guy dat talk fo God long time ago:

18 “Dey hear one voice from inside Ramah,
    Rachel, she stay crying real hard,
She real sore inside,
    Crying fo her kids,
She no like nobody come by her,
    Cuz da kids mahke awready.”

Dey Come Back From Egypt Side

19 Lata, King Herod wen mahke. One angel messenja guy from da Boss come by Joseph wen he stay dreaming ova dea Egypt side. Da angel guy tell him, 20 “Eh Joseph! Wake up! Take yoa boy an his mudda, an go Israel side. Da guys dat like kill da boy, stay mahke awready.”

21 So den Joseph wen get up, fo take Jesus an Mary. Dey wen go back Israel side. 22 But he hear dat Arkelaus wen come king Judea side afta his fadda Herod wen mahke. Joseph scared fo go ova dea. God tell him inside one dream, “You betta not go ova dea.” So he go Galilee side, 23 an make house Nazaret town. Dis happen jalike da guys who talk fo God long time ago wen say, “Dey goin call him ‘da Nazaret guy.’ ”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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