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Matthew 14 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

John Da Baptiza Guy Wen Mahke

14 Dat time, King Herod hear bout all da stuff Jesus stay doing. He tell his worka guys, “I figga, dis guy gotta be John Da Baptiza. He wen mahke, an now he come back alive. Dass why he get da power fo do all dis awesome kine stuff.”

Dis wat wen happen. Befo time, you know, Herod wen tell his guys fo grab John, an put chain on top um, an throw um inside da prison. Herod do dat cuz a Herodias, his brudda Philipʼs wife. Cuz John wen tell him, “Godʼs Rules say, ‘You not suppose to take yoa bruddaʼs wife.’ ” So den, Herod wen like kill him, but den, he scared da peopo, cuz dey all tink John talk fo God.

Herod wen go make one big party fo his birfday. Herodias girl wen dance in front everybody, an Herod wen like da dance plenny. He tell her, “Wateva you like, I swear to God I goin give um to you.” Her mudda wen tell her, “Go aks fo John Da Baptiza head on top dis big plate!” So she wen go do wat her mudda say.

Da ting she wen aks fo wen bodda King Herod. But he wen swear to God in front all his friends, so he tell his guys, “Go do um.” 10 So den dey wen chop off John Da Baptiza head inside da prison. 11 Dey put his head on top da big plate, an give um to da girl. Den she wen take um to her mudda. 12 Da guys dat John wen teach come an take his body, an bury him. Den dey go tell Jesus wat wen happen.

Jesus Feed Five Tousand Guys

13 Wen Jesus find out wat happen to John, he go inside one boat fo go one place wea nobody stay. Plenny peopo from all da towns aroun dea wen find out wea he wen go, so dey go dea too. 14 Wen Jesus go outa da boat, he spock all da peopo. He get pity fo dem, an he make all da sick guys ova dea come good.

15 Wen da sun stay going down, his guys come by him an say, “Ho ka! Pau hana time awready! An ova hea no mo notting fo eat. Tell da peopo fo go way: Tell um, ‘Go inside da towns, fo buy someting fo eat!’ ”

16 But Jesus tell um, “Nah! Dey no need go way. You guys, you give um someting fo eat.”

17 Dey say, “We no mo notting. Ony get five small breads an two fishes.”

18 He say, “Give um to me.” 19 He tell all da peopo fo sit down on top da grass. An dey sit down. He take da five breads an da two fishes, an look up to da sky, an say, “Eh God! You good heart fo give us guys all dis!” He broke da bread, an give um to his guys, an da guys give good piece bread to all da peopo. 20 Dey all eat an wen come full. His guys pick up twelve big baskets full wit all da lefovas. 21 Had five tousand guys dea dat eat da bread, plus had wahines an kids too.

Jesus Walk On Top Da Water

22 Right den Jesus tell his guys fo go inside da boat, an go da odda side a da lake befo him. He tell all da peopo fo go home. 23 Afta he tell um fo go, he go up on top da mountain fo pray. Wen dark time wen come, he still yet dea by himself. 24 Da boat stay in da middle a da lake, an da wind was blowing real hard agains dem, an da waves stay rocking da boat. 25 Early, early time in da morning, Jesus come by dem, walking on top da water. 26 His guys spock him walking on top da water, an dey come scared an yell, “Eh, get one ghost!”

27 Right den an dea Jesus tell um, “Eh, no scared. Dis ony me! Make strong!”

28 Peter say, “Boss, if dass you, tell me fo go by you on top da water.”

29 Jesus say, “Come, den.”

Peter climb outa da boat, an walk on top da water fo go by Jesus. 30 But wen he see how da wind was, he come scared, an start fo go down inside da water. Den he yell, “Eh, Boss! Get me outa dis!” 31 Right den an dea Jesus put out his hand an grab him, an say, “How come you trus me ony litto bit? How come you tink you no can do um?” 32 Wen dey go back inside da boat, da wind pau. 33 Den da guys inside da boat go down in front him, an say, “Wow! Fo real, you Godʼs Boy!”

Jesus Make Da Sick Guys Come Good Gennesaret Town

34 Den dey all go da odda side da lake, an come by Gennesaret town. 35 Da peopo ova dea know who Jesus, an dey run all ova da place fo bring da sick peopo by him. 36 Dey beg him fo let da sick guys touch his clotheses. All da guys dat touch his clotheses wen come good.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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