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Mark 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Story Bout Da Farma Dat Plant Seed

Anodda time Jesus wen teach by da lake. Plenny peopo wen come aroun him, so he go inside one boat, an sit down dea. Da boat stay inside da lake. Da peopo, dey stay standing on da beach. He use plenny stories fo teach um. Dis wat he say:

“Listen! You guys wen hear da story bout da farma guy? He go throw seeds fo plant. Some fall down by da trail, an da birds go eat um up. Some fall down on top da rocks wea had ony litto bit dirt. Da plants grow up fast, no matta ony litto bit dirt dea. But wen da sun come up, da plants dry up, cuz no mo root. Odda seed, dey fall down inside da kine bushes wit thorns. Da bushes grow up, an choke um, so no mo wheat. Odda seed, dey fall down inside da good dirt, an dey grow up good, an come up plenny. Some seed, dey give back thirty times moa, some odda seed give back sixty times moa, an some seed even give back hundred times moa.”

Jesus say, “If you guys hear dis, den listen!”

How Come Jesus Teach Wit Stories?

10 Wen Jesus stay by himself wit da peopo who stay dea, an da twelve guys he was teaching, dey wen aks him wat da stories mean. 11 So he say, “God let you guys know all da stuff bout how he stay King. But da odda peopo on da outside, I teach um wit stories.

12 Dass fo make happen jalike Isaiah wen tell dat God say,

‘Dey see wat I stay do, but dey no can see fo real.
    Dey hear wat I say, but dey no can hear fo real.
If dey really wen see an hear,
    Den dey goin change,
    An I goin let um go an hemo dea shame
    Fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do.’ ”

Wat Da Story Mean

13 Jesus aks dem, “You guys no undastan dis story? Den how you guys goin undastan da odda stories?

14 “Da farma plant da seed. He jalike da guy dat tell wat God say.

15 “Da seed dat fall down by da trail, dass jalike wen one guy hear wat God say, an right den an dea da Devil come an make da guy so he no can rememba wat he wen hear.

16 “Da seed dat fall down on top da rocks, dass jalike wen one guy hear wat God say, an right den an dea he stay plenny good inside. 17 But da guy, he jalike da plant dat no mo root inside him. He stick wit um fo litto wile. But wen get trouble, o wen da peopo make him suffa cuz he wen trus da stuff he wen hear, da guy give up right den an dea.

18 “Da seed dat fall down inside da kine bushes wit thorns, dass jalike wen one guy hear wat God say, 19 but bumbye da guy worry bout all da stuffs he need hea inside dis world. He like come rich, an all dat throw him off. So all dat stuff choke out all da tings God say dat was inside him. He no can do da right tings, jalike one wheat plant dat no can give wheat, growing inside da kine bushes wit thorns.

20 “Da seed dat fall down inside da good dirt, dass jalike wen one guy hear wat God say an trus um. He do da right tings, jalike da good plant dat give wheat. All da good stuff da guy do, he do um thirty times moa, some guys do um sixty times moa, an some odda guys hundred times moa.”

Da Lamp On Top Da Shelf

21 Den Jesus aks dem, “Eh, try tell me dis. You bring da lamp fo cover um up? O you put um unda da bed? Nah! You goin put um on top da shelf so you can see, yeah? 22 Kay den, wateva you no undastan now, you goin undastan bumbye. 23 If you guys hear dis, den listen!”

24 He tell um dis too: “Tink real good bout wat you hear. If you do dat, God goin give you even mo fo know. 25 If you guys undastan all da kine stuff, den God goin tell you moa. But if you guys no like know all dat stuff, den God goin make you no rememba even da litto bit you know now.”

Nobody Know How Da Seeds Grow, But Dey Grow

26 Jesus tell um anodda story. He say: “Wen God stay King, dass jalike one farma dat throw da seed all ova da groun. 27 Nite an day, no matta he sleep o get up, da plant goin poke da head up from da groun an goin grow, even if da guy donno how. 28 Da dirt no need nobody fo help um make da wheat. First da stalk come, den da head, den da food inside da head. 29 Wen da wheat come ripe, da farma cut um wit da sickle, cuz dey stay ready.”

Da Story Bout Da Mustard Seed

30 Jesus tell um anodda story. “God, he stay King. Wat story I can tell you guys so you guys can undastan? 31 Wen God stay King, dass jalike one mustard seed. Dat seed mo small den all da odda seeds, you know. If get one guy plant um inside his field, 32 an da seed grow, da plant come mo big den all da odda plants in da garden. Da branches so big, da birds from da sky can sit on top um in da shade!”

Jesus Ony Teach Dem Wit Stories

33 Jesus teach da peopo wit plenny stories lidat. He ony tell dem stuff dey can undastan. 34 He neva teach dem odda stuff, ony wit stories. But every time he wen stay ony wit da guys he teaching, he tell dem wat da stories mean.

Jesus Make Da Storm Pau

35 Dat time afta da sun go down, Jesus wen tell his guys, “Eh, we go da odda side da lake.” 36 Dey wen leave all da peopo, an Jesus guys take him inside da boat. Had odda boats dea too. 37 Den had one big storm ova dea, an da waves was bussing ova da boat, so da boat almos wen huli. 38 But Jesus still yet stay sleeping in da back on one pillow. His guys wen go wake him up, an tell him, “Eh, Teacha! You no care we goin mahke, o wat?”

39 Jesus get up, an scold da wind an da waves. He say, “Quiet! No move aroun!” Den da wind wen pau an da waves wen come nice. 40 An he tell his guys, “How come you guys scared? You guys no trus me, o wat?”

41 Dey so scared, dey wen tell each odda, “Eh, wat kine guy dis? Even da wind an da waves do wat he tell um!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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