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Mark 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

One Guy, His Hand Stay All Wasted

One nodda time Jesus wen go inside da Jewish church. Had one guy dea, his hand stay all wasted. Get some guys dea. Dey was checking out Jesus real good, if he go make da guy come good on da Rest Day, cuz dey like poin finga him.

So Jesus say to da guy wit da wasted hand, “Eh, come hea in front everybody!” Den Jesus say to da peopo, “So, wat? Da Rules say you can do good kine stuff on da Rest Day, o you can do bad kine? Wat you suppose to do, kill peopo, o help um? Wat da Rules say, aah?”

But da Pharisee guys, dey neva have notting fo say.

Jesus look at all da peopo real good. He stay real huhu. Same time, he feel sad cuz dey hard head. Den he say to da guy, “Stick out yoa hand.” An da guy stick um out, an da hand wen come good.

But da Pharisee guys, dey ony like stick wit dea rules. Dey wen go outside, an right den an dea dey go talk to King Herod guys, how dey goin kill Jesus.

Jesus Teach Da Peopo By Da Lake

Den Jesus an his guys, dey wen go way, an stay by da lake. Plenny peopo from Galilee wen go wit him. An get peopo from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, from da odda side da Jordan River, from Tyre side, an Sidon side. Dey all come cuz dey hear all da kine stuff Jesus stay doing.

Get so plenny peopo, Jesus wen tell his guys fo make ready one boat, so he can go inside um an den da peopo no can squash him. 10 Jesus wen make plenny sick peopo come good. Dass why all da odda sick peopo dea, dey go all out fo touch him. 11 Had peopo ova dea wit bad kine spirits dat wen take ova dem. Weneva dey see Jesus, dey go down in front him, an yell, “You Godʼs Boy!” 12 But Jesus wen tell da spirits, “You guys betta not tell nobody who me”.

Da Twelve Guys Jesus Send

13 Den Jesus wen go to da hills. He tell da guys he like pick, “Eh, come!” An dey wen come. 14 He wen pick twelve guys. He say, “I like you guys stay by me. I like teach you guys. Latas I goin send you guys all ova da place, an den you guys goin teach da peopo. 15 An I goin give you guys power fo make da bad kine spirits let go da peopo too.”

16 Dis da twelve guys he wen pick fo send all ova da place:

Simon, da guy Jesus wen call “Peter,”
17 James an his brudda John, Zebedeeʼs boys. He call um “Da Thunder Guys,” cuz dey da kine guys dat like make big noise.
18 Andrew, Philip, Bartolomew,
Matthew, Thomas, Alfeusʼs boy James,
Taddeus, Simon da Jewish Sovereignty guy,
19 an Judas Iscariot. He da guy dat goin set up Jesus fo mahke bumbye.

Jesus An Da Bad Kine Spirits Boss

20 Den Jesus wen go home. Plenny peopo wen come, jalike befo time, so Jesus an his guys no can eat. 21 Wen Jesus ohana hear dat, dey wen go fo take him away. Dey say, “He wen go pupule!”

22 Some teacha guys who teach Godʼs Rules wen come from Jerusalem. Dey say, “Dis guy, da leada guy fo da bad kine spirits wen take ova him fo shua! Beelzebul, you know! Dass why he can make da bad kine spirits let go da peopo!”

23 Jesus tell dem, “Eh, you guys, come ova hea! I like teach you guys someting. You tink da Devil goin make his own guys let go da peopo, aah? No way! Da ohana dat go agains each odda no can stay strong. Da country dat go agains each odda ony bus up itself. 26 If da Devil make his own guys let go da peopo, den he going agains himself! He no can stay strong. He goin wipe out!

27 So, no good how you guys tinking! How you tink one guy goin bus inside one big mokeʼs house an rip off his stuffs, if he no tie up da moke first? Den can steal everyting.

28 Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: God can let da peopo go an hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey doing, even if dey talk stink God. 29 But if dey talk stink Godʼs Spesho Spirit, God no take dat. So if dey talk lidat, God no goin let um go an hemo dea shame fo dat, not now o eva!”

30 Jesus say all dat cuz da teacha guys wen say, “He get one bad kine spirit dat wen take ova him.”

Jesus Mudda an Bruddas

Den Jesus mudda an bruddas come. Get plenny peopo sitting aroun him, so his mudda an bruddas stay outside. Dey wen send one guy inside fo get him. Da peopo tell him, “Eh, yoa mudda an yoa bruddas an sistas, dey outside, an dey like talk to you.”

33 He tell um, “Wat you guys tink? Who my mudda? Who my bruddas?”

34 He look all da guys sitting aroun him, an say, “Look! Hea, dese guys my mudda! An dese guys, dey my bruddas an sistas, fo real kine! 35 Whoeva do wat God like, dey my brudda an sista an mudda!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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