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Mark 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus An One Guy Dat No Can Move

Afta couple days, Jesus wen go back Capernaum wea he wen stay befo. Da peopo wen hear dat Jesus stay home now. So, plenny peopo wen come togedda an neva have room. No can even go near da door. An Jesus teach um.

Some guys wen come by Jesus. Four a dem wen carry one guy dat no can move. Get so plenny peopo, dey no can bring him near Jesus. So dey wen go up on top da flat roof, an make one big puka inside da roof, right ova da place wea Jesus stay. Dey put da guy on top his mat an put um down real slow in front Jesus. Wen Jesus see dat, he wen tink, “Eh, wow! Dis guys trus me fo real kine, dat I goin make dea friend come good!” Den he tell da guy, “Eh, my boy, you know all da bad kine stuff you wen do befo? I tell you now, da shame from all dat, pau awready!”

But get some teacha guys dea dat teach Godʼs Rules. Dey stay tinking, “Eh! Who dis guy tink he is fo talk lidat! He talking stink bout God! Ony God can let da guy go an hemo da shame from da bad kine stuff!”

But right den Jesus wen know inside wat dey tinking. He say, “How come you guys tinking bad kine stuff lidat? I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an I like show proof you guys, dat I get da right inside dis world, fo let da peopo go an hemo da shame dey get fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do. But, easy fo talk bout throwing out da shame -- anybody can talk lidat. But not easy fo do um. Same ting, easy fo tell one guy dat no can move, ‘Eh, stand up an move aroun!’ -- anybody can talk lidat. But not easy fo do um. But now, I goin show proof you guys -- I goin make dis sick guy make strong.”

Dass why he tell da guy, 11 “Eh, get up! Take yoa mat an go home awready!”

12 So da guy wen get up, pick up da mat an go outside in front all dem. Dat wen blow dea minds big time. Dey say, “Dis unreal! Dis neva happen befo. Dis God, he awesome!”

Jesus Tell Levi Come Wit Him An Be His Guy

13 Jesus wen go by da lake. Plenny peopo come by him, an he wen teach um. 14 He was walking, an he wen spock Levi. (Leviʼs fadda name Alfeus.) Levi stay by da tax place collecting money fo da govermen. Jesus tell him, “Eh! Come wit me! Be my guy!” Levi get up, an go wit him.

15 Jesus wen go Leviʼs house fo eat. Had plenny guys dat collect money fo tax fo da govermen an odda guys dat get bad name jalike dem, dat like hang out wit Jesus. Dey all dea, eating wit Jesus an his guys.

16 Had some Pharisee guys dea dat teach Godʼs Rules. Dey see Jesus dea eating wit all da tax guys an odda kine peopo dat get bad name jalike dem. So, dey aks Jesus guys, “Eh, yoa teacha, how come he eating wit da tax guys an odda kine peopo dat get bad name?”

17 Jesus wen hear dat, an he tell dem, “Da peopo dat not sick, dey no need docta, ony da sick guys need. Me, I neva come fo tell da good kine peopo fo come by me fo be my guys, but da peopo dat get bad name.”

How Come Jesus Guys No Skip Food So Dey Can Pray?

18 Now, Johnʼs guys an da Phariseeʼs guys was skipping food so dey can pray. Some peopo come aks Jesus, “How come John Da Baptizaʼs guys an da Pharisee guys skip food so dey can pray, but da guys you teaching, dey no skip food, but still yet dey can pray?”

19 Jesus tell dem, “Wat you tink? You go one wedding an skip food, wen da guy dat getting married stay dea? Nah! 20 Bumbye, da time goin come wen dey goin take away da guy dat getting married. An den, dass wen his friends goin skip food.

Da Old Kine Teaching An Da New Kine Teaching

21 “Fo fix up one old puka clothes, you no goin take one new piece cloth dat no shrink yet fo cover da puka. You go do dat, den wen you wash um, da new piece goin shrink plenny an make one mo bigga puka, an you make da old clothes mo worse.

22 An same ting, you no put grape juice fo make wine inside one old kine leather bag, an close um fo let um ferment. You do dat, da new wine goin come mo big an bus da wine bag, an da wine goin spill out. Da old leather no good no moa. Mo betta, you put new wine inside new kine leather bag.”

Dey Give Jesus Hard Time Bout Da Rest Day

23 Anodda time was da Jewish Rest Day. Jesus an his guys walk thru da wheat fields. Da guys pick litto bit wheat fo eat. 24 But had Pharisee guys ova dea dat wen tell Jesus, “Hala! Dese guys, you teaching dem, but still yet dey stay doing da kine stuff dey not suppose to on da Rest Day!”

25 Jesus tell um, “Wot! You guys neva read inside da Bible wat David wen do wen him an his guys was hungry? 26 Wen Abiatar was da Head Priest, David go inside Godʼs house an eat da bread dass spesho fo God. But no can do dat kine, cuz Godʼs Rules say dat ony da priest guys can eat dat bread. But David, he give um to his guys too, an nobody say notting.”

27 Den Jesus wen tell, “You know, God neva make da peopo fo da Rest Day. He make da Rest Day fo da peopo. 28 Dass why I da One dat get da right fo say wat can do da Rest Day, cuz I da Guy Dass Fo Real.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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