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Mark 15 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus In Front Pilate

15 Early morning time, all da main priest guys, da older leadas fo da peopo, da teachas who teach Godʼs Rules, an all da main leadas, wen go figga out wat fo do bout Jesus. So dey tie him up, take him away, an wen give him to Pilate, da governa. Pilate aks Jesus, “Eh, you da King fo da Jews, o wat?”

Jesus tell him, “You da one wen say dat.”

Da main priest guys wen poin finga plenny at Jesus an say he wen do plenny bad kine stuff. So Pilate aks him one mo time, “You no goin say notting? You no hear all da stuff dey saying bout you?”

An still yet Jesus neva say notting. So Pilate start fo try figga out dis guy.

Dey Say Jesus Gotta Mahke

Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year at da Passova religious time. Any guy da peopo pick, Pilate let him go. Had one guy name Barabbas dat stay inside da prison wit all da odda terrorist guys dat wen kill peopo wen dey wen beef agains da Rome army guys.

All da peopo wen come by Pilate an tell him, “Eh, you goin do jalike you everytime do fo da Passova?” Pilate aks um, “You guys like fo me let go da King fo da Jews?” 10 Now, Pilate know dat da main priest guys wen give Jesus to him cuz dey so mad at Jesus, cuz everybody listen to him an not dem.

11 But da main priest guys wen presha da peopo fo say dis: “We like Barabbas! Kill Jesus awready!” 12 Den Governa Pilate aks dem one mo time, “Den wat I goin do wit Jesus, da guy you guys call da King fo da Jews?”

13 Dey yell, “Kill him on top one cross!”

14 But Pilate say, “How come? Wat kine bad ting he wen do?”

But dey yell mo loud, “Kill him on top one cross!”

15 Pilate like make da peopo stay good inside, so he wen let Barabbas go fo dem. He tell da army guys fo whip Jesus an den kill him on top one cross.

Da Army Guys Make Fun A Jesus

16 Den da army guys wen take Jesus inside da palace, da Rome army headquarters, an dey tell all da odda army guys fo come by dem. 17 Dey put one long red king kine robe on top him. Dey make one crown from thorns, an put um on top his head. 18 Den dey say, “Ho! Check um out! Da King fo da Jews!” 19 An dey wack him on top his head wit one bamboo, an spit on top him. An dey go down in front him jalike dey showing respeck fo him. 20 Wen dey was pau making fun a him, dey take off da red robe an put his own clotheses back on top him. Den dey take him outside fo kill him on top one cross.

Dey Put Jesus On Top Da Cross Fo Mahke

21 Had one guy name Simon from Cyrene town. Alexander an Rufus, Simon dea fadda. He was coming inside Jerusalem. So dey tell him he gotta carry Jesus cross. 22 Dey bring Jesus to da place dey call Golgota. Dat mean “da Skull Place.” 23 Dey try give him wine wit bitta stuff inside, but he no like. 24 Dey hang him on top da cross wit nails, an den dey go throw dice, fo see wat guy goin get wat clotheses from Jesus. 25 Dey hang him on top da cross bout nine clock in da morning. 26 Dey make one sign fo tell everybody wat he wen do wrong. Da sign say,

“Da King Fo Da Jews.”

27 Dey hang two crook guys on top two crosses near him, one on da right side an da odda one on da left side. 28 [Jalike da Bible say, “Dey wen make him jalike one crook.”]

29 Had some peopo dea dat shake dea finga at him an say, “Oh, fo shame! You wen say you goin broke down da temple an goin build um up again in three days! 30 So, we like see you get yoaself outa dis! Come down from da cross, now!”

31 Jalike da odda guys, da main priest guys an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules wen make fun a him too. Dey tell each odda, “He wen get da odda peopo outa da stuff dey stay in, but he no can get himself outa dis! 32 If he da Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, da King fo us Israel peopo, kay den, he can come down from da cross now! Den we goin trus him!” An da crook guys dat stay hanging dea near him on top da odda crosses, dey talk any kine to him too.

Jesus Mahke

33 Noontime wen get real dark all ova da place, fo three hours. 34 Three clock Jesus wen yell real loud, “Eloi, eloi, lema sabaktani!” Dat mean, “My God, my God, how come you go way an leave me ova hea?”

35 Some odda guys dat stay ova dea wen hear him, an dey tell, “Listen! He stay calling Elijah!” 36 One guy wen run an put one sponge inside da sour wine, an put um on top one bamboo, an try give um to Jesus fo drink. He say, “Try wait! We go see if Elijah goin come fo get him outa dis.”

37 Den Jesus yell again real loud, an den he let go his spirit.

38 Right den an dea da big curtain inside da temple broke in two from da top to da bottom. 39 Da captain fo da army guys standing in front Jesus hear him yell an see how he wen mahke. He say, “Fo real kine, dis was Godʼs Boy!”

40 Get some wahines standing far, watching everyting dat wen happen. Had Mary from Magdala, one nodda Mary dat get two boys, da younga James an Joses, an Salome. 41 Befo time, dey wen go wit Jesus from Galilee side, fo take care him. Had plenny odda wahines who wen come wit him to Jerusalem. Dey standing dea too.

Dey Bury Jesus

42 Dat was da day fo make everyting ready fo da Rest Day, befo da sun go down. 43 Had one guy, Joseph from Arimatea, from da main leadas. Everybody get respeck fo him. He stay waiting fo God come da King on top da earth too. He no scared. He go aks Pilate if he can take Jesus body. 44 Pilate say, “Wow! I neva know he mahke awready!” So he tell da captain fo come, an aks him if Jesus wen mahke fo shua. 45 Da captain tell him dat Jesus wen mahke awready, so Pilate tell his guys fo give da body to Joseph. 46 Joseph go buy some linen cloth, take down da body, wrap um inside da cloth, an put um inside da tomb, da one dat was awready cut inside da rock. Den dey push one big rock in front da hole fo close um. 47 Mary from Magdala, an Mary, Joses mudda, dey wen see um put him dea.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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