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Mark 12 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Guys Dat Rent One Grape Field

12 Jesus start teaching um wit stories. He say, “One guy wen go plant one grape field. He make one fence aroun um, an dig one puka inside da groun fo squeeze da grapes. An he build one watch tower. Den he wen rent da grape farm to some farma guys, an den he go far away.

“Wen time fo cut da grapes, he send one worka guy fo get his share from da farma guys grapes. But da farma guys wen grab da worka guy, an bus um up, an throw him outside wit notting. Da boss send one nodda worka. Dey bus up his head an dey no shame fo make any kine to him. So he send one nodda worka, an dey kill um. He send plenny odda guys. Some a dem dey bus up, but da oddas, dey kill um.

“Still yet had one guy dea, but was his boy. He really love dat boy. In da end he wen send him. He say, ‘Eh, dey goin show respeck fo my boy.’

But wen da farma guys spock da boy, dey tell each odda, ‘Eh, dis da guy goin own da farm. Come, we kill him an take ova da grape farm.’ So dey grab da boy an kill him, an throw him outside da grape field.

“Kay den, wen da boss who own da grape farm come, wat you guys tink he goin do to dem? He goin kill da bad guys, an den he goin rent da farm to some odda guys. 10 Eh, you guys neva read inside da Bible bout da stone dass jalike me? Da Bible say,

“Had one big stone,
Da builda guys was tinking,
    ‘Poho! Dis stone junk!’
    An dey no take um.
But dat stone,
    Dass da corner block.
    Can make da building strong.
11 Da Boss Up Dea
    Wen do dis, yeah?
    An dis awesome!”

12 Den da main priest dem was tinking how dey can bus him, cuz dey know he was talking bout dem. But dey scared da peopo. So dey go way from him.

Da Tax Money Fo King Cesar

13 Lata dey send some Pharisee guys an some King Herod guys fo try trick Jesus in wat he say. 14 Dey come an say, “Eh, Teacha, we know you fo real, no matta wat da peopo tink o who dem. An you tell da trut wen you teach Godʼs way. So, wat? Dass right fo pay King Cesar da tax money, o wat?”

15 But Jesus know dey say one ting an tink anodda, an he say, “How come you guys like trick me? Show me da kine coin fo da tax so I can look at um.” 16 An dey wen show him. He say, “Who dis guy on top da coin? An wass his name?”

Dey say, “Dass King Cesar.”

17 An he tell um, “Kay den. Give um to Cesar, wat his, an give to God, wat his!” Wen dey hear dat, wen blow dea minds.

Dey Aks If We Goin Come Back Alive

18 Den some Sadducee guys go by Jesus. Dis how dey teach: If you mahke, you mahke, you no goin come back alive again. So dey aks him, 19 “Eh, Teacha! Da guy Moses who wen give us Godʼs Rules, he wen say, ‘Wen one guy mahke an he no mo kids, his brudda gotta marry his wife, an make kids fo carry da name fo da brudda who wen mahke.’ 20 Now den, had seven bruddas ova hea by us guys. Da first one wen marry one wahine, den he wen mahke, but neva have kids. 21 Da nex brudda wen marry da bruddaʼs wife, an den he wen mahke, an neva have kids. Da same ting wen happen to da nex brudda. 22 An dis ting wen happen to all da seven bruddas. An all dem guys neva have kids notting. An den afta dat, da wahine wen mahke too.

23 “So, wen da time come wen all da peopo dat wen mahke come back alive, who goin be her husban? Cuz dey all wen marry her.”

24 Jesus tell um, “You guys all jam up, you know. Cuz you guys donno wat da Bible say from befo time, az why, an you guys donno Godʼs power. 25 Wen da peopo dat wen mahke come back alive again, dat time dey no marry. Dey goin be jalike da angel messenja guys in da sky. 26 But da guys who wen mahke, dey goin come back alive. You guys neva read inside da Bible wat Moses wen write bout da burning bush? God say, ‘I da God fo Abraham, an fo Isaac, an fo Jacob.’ 27 He not da God fo da mahke peopo. He da God fo da peopo dat get one spirit inside dem dat stay alive. Dass why you guys wrong!”

Da Main Rule

28 One teacha who teach Godʼs Rules was standing dea. He hear dem talking, an he know dat Jesus wen shut up da Sadducee guys. So he aks him, “Eh, from all da Rules God wen give us, wat da main Rule?”

29 Jesus tell him, “Da main Rule dis: ‘Listen, all you Israel peopo! Da Boss Up Dea, he our God, an he da one an ony Boss. 30 Get love an aloha fo da Boss yoa God, wit all yoa heart, an wit everyting inside you, an wit how you tink, an wit all yoa power.’ 31 An da nex main Rule jalike dis one, ‘Get love an aloha fo da odda guy jalike you get love an aloha fo yoaself.’ No mo odda Rule, mo importan den dis two Rules.”

32 Da teacha who teach Godʼs Rules tell um, “Eh, Teacha, right on! Dass right wat you say, ‘God, he one God, an no mo odda God, ony him.’ 33 Us guys gotta get love an aloha fo him wit all our heart, an wit how we tink, an wit all our power. An we gotta get love an aloha fo da odda guy jalike we get love an aloha fo ourself. Dass mo importan den make da burn kine offering an da sacrifice.”

34 Jesus know dat da guy was tinking good wen he say dat. He tell him, “You stay near God, fo get him fo yoa King.”

From dat time, everybody scared fo aks Jesus odda stuff.

Da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, Whose Boy Him?

35 Jesus was teaching inside da temple yard. He say, “How come da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules say, ‘Da Spesho Guy God Goin Send, he goin come from King Davidʼs ohana’? 36 You know, Godʼs Spirit wen tell King David fo say dis:

“Da Boss Up Dea,
    He tell my Boss,
‘Come ova hea, sit down!
    Dis da importan place by my right side.
Bumbye I goin make da peopo dat go agains you
    Go down in front you,
    Fo show dat you da winna ova dem.’ ”

37 “Kay den. David call Godʼs Spesho Guy ‘Boss,’ yeah? Den how he can be Davidʼs boy, same time?” All da peopo wen hear him, an dey feel good inside.

Da Teachas Dat Teach Godʼs Rules

38 Wen he was teaching, he say, “Watch out fo da teachas who teach Godʼs Rules! Dey like wear rich kine clotheses. Dey like da peopo talk to dem wit respeck inside da open market. 39 Dey like sit in da main place in da Jewish churches, an in da bestes place at da lu‛aus. 40 Dey no mo shame fo trick da widows an take away dea house, an same time dey praying, saying plenny stuff, so nobody tink dey ripping off da widows. God goin punish dem mo den da odda peopo.”

Wat One Widow Wen Give God

41 Jesus go sit down da odda side by da place wea da peopo give money fo da temple. He watch da peopo. Plenny rich guys throw in plenny money. 42 Den one widow dat no mo notting put in two small copper coins dat make one penny.

43 Jesus tell his guys fo come. He say, “Dass good! An I like tell you guys dis too: Dis widow da no mo notting wen put in mo plenny fo da temple den all da odda peopo. 44 All da odda peopo wen give dea money from plenny money dey get. But she no mo notting, an she wen give everyting she get fo stay alive.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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