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74 that we, being rescued from the hand of our[a] enemies,
may serve him without fear,[b]
75 in holiness and righteousness[c] before him for as long as we live.[d]

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  1. Luke 1:74 tc Many significant early mss (א B L W [0130] ƒ1,13 565 892) lack “our,” while most (A C D [K] Θ Ψ 0177 33 M) supply it. Although the addition is most likely not authentic, “our” has been included in the translation due to English stylistic requirements.
  2. Luke 1:74 tn This phrase in Greek is actually thrown forward to the front of the verse to give it emphasis.
  3. Luke 1:75 sn The phrases that we…might serve him…in holiness and righteousness from Luke 1:74-75 well summarize a basic goal for a believer in the eyes of Luke. Salvation frees us up to serve God without fear through a life full of ethical integrity.
  4. Luke 1:75 tn Grk “all our days.”