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60 But[a] his mother replied,[b] “No! He must be named[c] John.”[d]

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  1. Luke 1:60 tn Grk “And,” but with clearly contrastive emphasis in context.
  2. Luke 1:60 tn Grk “his mother answering, said.” The combination of participle and finite verb is redundant in English and has been simplified to “replied” in the translation.
  3. Luke 1:60 tn This future passive indicative verb has imperatival force and thus has been translated “he must be named.”
  4. Luke 1:60 snNo! He must be named John.” By insisting on the name specified by the angel, Elizabeth (v. 60) and Zechariah (v. 63) have learned to obey God (see Luke 1:13).