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Luke 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Make One Captainʼs Worka Guy Come Good

Wen Jesus pau teach da peopo all dat stuff, he go Capernaum town. One captain fo da Rome army guys ova dea get one sick worka guy he get plenny love an aloha fo, an da guy stay dying. Da captain wen hear bout Jesus, an he send some older Jewish leadas by him, fo aks him fo come an make his worka guy come good. Wen dey come, dey beg him real hard. Dey say, “Dis captain, he one good guy. So dass good if you can help him. He get love an aloha fo our Jewish peopo, an he wen build our church fo us.”

So Jesus wen go wit dem. Wen he come near da house, da captain send his friends fo tell him, “Boss, no bodda yoaself, cuz I not good nuff fo you fo come inside my house. Dass why I wen tink I not good nuff fo come by you. Jus say da word, an my worka guy goin come good. You know, I get one army boss who tell me wat fo do. An I tell my army guys wat fo do. I tell one guy, ‘Go,’ an he go. An I tell anodda guy, ‘Come,’ an he come. An I tell my worka guy ‘Do dis,’ an he do um.”

Wen Jesus hear dat, his jaws wen drop, an he wen tell all da peopo dat stay dea, “Ho! Dis guy get um! No mo Israel peopo dat trus me lidat!”

10 Den da guys da captain wen send wen go back to da house, an wen see dat da worka guy wen come good.

Jesus Make One Widowʼs Boy Come Alive Again

11 Da nex day Jesus wen go Nain town. His guys an plenny odda peopo wen go wit him. 12 Wen Jesus come to da town gate, da peopo from da town wen carry one open box wit one mahke guy thru da gate. His mudda one widow, an he was her ony boy. Plenny peopo from da town wen go wit her. 13 Da Boss wen spock her, an he get pity fo her, an he say, “No cry now.”

14 Den Jesus wen go an touch da open box wit da guy inside, an da guys dat stay carry um wen stand dea. He say, “Eh, brah, I telling you, get up!” 15 Da mahke guy wen sit up, an start fo talk, an Jesus wen give him back to his mudda.

16 Everybody wen come real scared, an dey wen talk good bout God lidis, “One importan guy dat talk fo God wen come by us! God wen come fo take care his peopo!” 17 An dey wen tell all dis stuff bout Jesus all ova Judea an all da place aroun dea.

Da Guys John Da Baptiza Send

18 Da guys dat John stay teaching wen tell John all dis stuff. He wen tell two a his guys fo come by him, 19 an tell um fo go by da Boss Jesus an aks him, “Eh, you da guy suppose to come, o wat? O we suppose to wait fo one nodda guy fo come?”

20 Wen dey come by Jesus dey say, “John Da Baptiza Guy wen send us by you fo aks, ‘Eh, you da guy suppose to come, o we suppose to wait fo one nodda guy fo come?’ ” 21 Now, dat time Jesus stay make plenny guys come good from all kine sick, an wen make da bad kine spirits let go plenny peopo, an wen make plenny blind guys see. 22 So he tell um, “Go, tell John wat you guys stay hear an see. Had guys dat no can see, now dey can see. Had guys dat no can walk, now dey can walk. Had lepa guys, now dey no mo sick. Had guys dat no can hear, now dey can hear. Had guys dat wen mahke, now dey alive. Da peopo dat no mo notting, now dey hear all da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I teaching dem. 23 An if da tings I do no bodda you, den you goin stay good inside too.”

24 Afta Johnʼs messenja guys wen go way, Jesus tell all da peopo bout John. “Wat you guys wen go in da boonies fo see? Da wind shaking one bamboo? 25 Nah! Kay den, wat you guys wen go ova dea fo see? One guy wit fancy kine clothes? You know wat? Da guys dat wear awesome kine clotheses an get all kine rich stuffs, dey stay inside da kingʼs palace. 26 If not dat, wat you guys wen go fo see? One guy dat talk fo God? Dass right! I tell you, John, he mo den jus one guy dat talk fo God. 27 Dis da guy da Bible wen talk bout befo time, ‘I goin send my messenja guy befo you. He goin make everyting ready fo you, befo you come ova dea.’ ” 28 An Jesus say, “I like tell you guys dis: No mo nobody eva wen born dat mo importan den John. Even da mostes small kine guy dat get God fo his King, he mo importan den John.”

29 Wen da guys dat take money fo tax an all da odda peopo wen hear dat, dey wen say, “Yeah! God everytime do da right ting!” Cuz dey wen listen John, an he wen baptize dem. 30 But da Pharisee guys an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules, dey neva do wat God like dem fo do, an dey neva like John fo baptize dem.

31 Jesus say, “But da peopo nowdays, how dem? 32 Dey jalike da kids sitting inside da open market place, an yelling to dea friends, ‘Eh! Us guys play da flute fo you guys, but you guys no like dance! Us guys sing one sad funeral song, but you guys no like cry.’ 33 Same ting, wen John Da Baptiza Guy show up, he skip food plenny, an he no drink wine. Dass why you guys say, ‘He get one bad kine spirit in charge a him!’ 34 But me, I da Guy Dass Fo Real. I come, I eat, I drink, an you guys say, ‘You know wat? Dis guy everytime eating an drinking! He friends wit da tax guys, an da odda kine guys dat get bad name too.’ 35 No matta wat me an John do, you guys no like! But da good guy who get da smarts from God, da tings he do, goin make proof dat he right.”

Jesus Go Eat One Pharisee Guy House

36 One Pharisee guy wen aks Jesus fo come his house fo eat. So Jesus wen go ova dea an wen sit down by da table. 37 Had one wahine from dat town dat wen do bad stuff an wen fool aroun. She wen hear dat Jesus stay sitting inside da Pharisee guyʼs house, an she bring one bottle made from da alabaster kine stone, full wit perfume. 38 She wen stand behind Jesus by his feet. She stay crying, an her tears wen make his feet wet. Den she wen wipe his feet wit her hair, kiss um, an wen pour da perfume on top dem.

39 Wen da Pharisee guy dat wen aks him fo come wen see dat, he wen tink, “Eh, if dis guy was one guy dat talk fo God fo real kine, den he know wat kine wahine stay touching him, dat she one wahine dat do bad kine stuff.”

40 Jesus wen tell him, “Simon, I like tell you someting.” Simon say, “Yeah, Teacha? Tell me.”

41 “Had two guys dat wen owe some money to one guy dat lend money. One guy wen owe him five hundred silva coins, an da odda guy fifty. 42 Dey no can pay him back. So da guy wen tell, ‘Dass okay. Foget um.’ Which guy you tink goin get mo plenny love an aloha fo him?”

43 Simon say, “I tink da guy dat wen owe him moa.”

Jesus say, “Right on.”

44 Den Jesus wen turn aroun to da wahine, an tell Simon, “You see dis wahine? I wen come inside yoa house, an you neva give me water fo wash my feet. But she wen wash um wit her tears, an wen wipe um wit her hair. 45 You neva say ‘Aloha’ an give me one kiss, but wen I wen come inside yoa house, dis wahine no pau kiss my feet. 46 You neva give me olive oil fo my head fo show me respeck, but she wen cover my feet wit da perfume. 47 Az why I tell you, she wen do plenny bad kine stuff, but God wen let her go awready an hemo her shame fo all dat. An how come he wen do dat? Cuz she get plenny love an aloha fo God now, az why. Da guy dat wen do litto bit bad stuff, an God wen hemo his shame fo dat, he ony goin get litto bit love an aloha fo God.”

48 Den Jesus tell da wahine, “God wen hemo da shame fo all da bad kine stuff you wen do.”

49 An da odda guys sitting ova dea wen start fo talk to each odda, “Who dis guy dat even hemo da shame fo da bad kine stuff?”

50 Jesus tell da wahine, “Cuz you wen trus me, God wen take you outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. Go, an yoa heart can rest inside.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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