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Luke 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Tell Some Guys, “Come Wit Me!”

One time Jesus was by Gennesaret Lake (dass Galilee Lake, you know), an all da peopo wen try come close by him fo hear wat God say. He spock two boats ova dea near da water. Da fisha guys wen leave um dea. Dey stay washing dea nets. Jesus go inside Simonʼs boat, an tell him fo go out litto bit from da beach. Den Jesus sit down an teach da peopo from dea.

Wen he pau teach, he tell Simon, “Eh Simon, go out wea stay deep, an drop yoa nets.”

Simon tell, “Boss, we wen work hard all nite, an ony whitewash. But cuz you wen say um, I goin do um.” So dey drop da nets, an dey catch uku paila fish, an da net wen start fo broke. Dey wen make signs fo dea bruddas inside da odda boat fo help um. Dem guys wen come an dey wen fill up da two boats so full, da boats wen start fo sink. Wen Simon Peter see how plenny fish dey get, he wen go down on his knees in front Jesus an say, “Eh, Boss, go way from me, cuz I one guy dat stay do bad kine stuff!”

Simon an all da guys ova dea by him, wen blow dea minds, cuz dey wen catch so plenny fish. 10 James an John, Zebedeeʼs boys dat work togedda wit Simon fishing, an wen blow dea minds too. Jesus tell Simon, “No scared. Da way you guys bring in da fish, I goin teach you guys how fo bring in peopo fo be my guys too!”

11 Right den an dea, dey pull dea boats up on top da beach, an leave all dea stuffs, an go wit Jesus.

Jesus Make One Lepa Guy Come Good

12 Wen Jesus stay inside one town, one lepa guy wen come dea. Da guy get da kine sores all ova. Wen he spock Jesus, he go down, an his face wen touch da groun, an he beg him, “Boss, if you like, you can make me come good, yeah?”

13 Jesus wen stick out his hand an touch da guy. Same time Jesus say, “Okay, I can do dat. Come good.” Right den an dea da guy wen come good. 14 Den Jesus wen tell him, “Make shua dat you no tell nobody bout dis. Go, let da priest guy check you out. No foget make da kine sacrifice now, jalike Moses wen tell inside Godʼs Rules. Gotta do all dat, so everybody goin know dat you stay good now.”

15 But everybody all ova da place wen hear da stuff Jesus wen do, an plenny peopo wen come fo hear him, so he can make dem come good from all dea sick. 16 Plenny times Jesus wen go wea neva have nobody, fo pray ova dea.

Jesus An Da Guy Dat No Can Move

17 One time Jesus stay teaching. Had Pharisee guys an teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules sitting ova dea. Dey wen come from every town inside Galilee an Judea, an from Jerusalem. Jesus wen get power from da Boss Up Dea In Da Sky fo make da sick peopo come good. 18 Had some guys dat wen bring one guy on top one mat. Da guy, he no can move, notting. Dey wen try bring him inside da house fo put him in front Jesus. 19 But dey no can find one way fo do um, cuz da place stay jamming. So dey go on top da flat roof, an make one puka, an wen let um down on top da mat in front Jesus. 20 Jesus wen see dat, an he tink, “Eh, wow! Dis guys trus me fo real kine, dat I goin make dea friend come good!” Den he tell da guy, “Eh you, you know all da bad kine stuff you wen do? I tell you now, da shame from all dat, pau awready!”

21 Da Pharisee guys an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules, dey tinking, “Eh, dis guy ack an talk jalike he God! Ony God can let peopo go fo da bad kine stuff dey do an hemo dea shame!”

22 But Jesus wen know wat dey tinking. He say, “How come you guys tinking bad kine stuff lidat? I like show proof you guys, dat I da Guy Dass fo Real, an I get da right inside dis world, fo let peopo go an hemo dea shame fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do. But, easy fo talk bout hemo da shame -- anybody can talk dat kine. But not easy fo do um. Same ting, easy fo tell one sick guy dat no can move, ‘Eh, stand up an move aroun!’ -- anybody can talk dat kine. But not easy fo do um. But now, I goin show proof you guys -- I goin make dis sick guy come strong.”

An he tell da guy dat no can move, “Eh, get up! Take yoa mat, an go home awready!”

25 Right den an dea da guy wen get up in front all dem guys, take da mat, an go home, talking shaka stuff bout God. 26 All da peopo wen see dat, an wen blow dea minds. Dey wen talk shaka stuff bout God too. Same time, dey wen come real scared. Dey say, “Dis awesome! We wen see unreal stuff today!”

Jesus Tell Levi, “Come Be My Guy!”

27 Afta dat Jesus go outside an spock one guy dat collect money fo tax fo da govermen, sitting down inside his place. His name Levi. Jesus tell him, “Eh, come wit me, an be my guy!” 28 So Levi wen get up, leave all his stuffs ova dea, an go wit Jesus.

29 Den Levi make one big lu‛au fo Jesus inside his house. An plenny guys dat collect money fo tax an odda guys wen eat wit dem. 30 But da Pharisee guys an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules an stick wit da Pharisee guys, dey wen grumble at Jesus guys. Dey say, “Eh, how come you guys eating wit da guys dat collect money fo tax an odda guys dat get bad name?”

31 Jesus wen tell, “Da peopo dat not sick, dey no need docta, ony da sick peopo need docta. 32 I neva come fo tell da good peopo fo come by me, but da peopo dat get bad name, so dey can come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an no do um no moa.”

How Come Jesus Guys No Skip Food So Dey Can Pray?

33 Den da Pharisee guys an dea friends wen say, “Plenny times, da guys dat John Da Baptiza guy teach, dey no eat so dey can pray. An da guys dat da Pharisee guys teach, dey no eat so dey can pray. But da guys you teaching, dey stay eating an drinking. How come, aah?”

34 Jesus wen tell, “Wat you tink? You can make da guys at one wedding skip food wen dea friend dat getting married stay dea wit dem? No can! 35 But you know, bumbye da time goin come wen peopo goin take away dea friend. Den his friends goin feel bad, an den dey goin skip food.”

36 He tell um anodda ting fo teach um. “Fo cover one puka on one old clothes, you no goin cut one piece from one new clothes, fo put on top da old clothes. You do dat, you goin mess up da new clothes, an da new piece no goin match da old clothes. 37 An you no goin put grape juice fo make wine inside one old wineskin. You do dat, wen da grape juice come wine, goin bus da old wineskin. You goin lose da wine, an da skin too. Everyting poho! 38 Mo betta, you put new wine inside new wineskin. 39 Nobody like drink da new kine wine afta he wen drink da old, cuz he say, ‘Da old wine mo betta.’ ”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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