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Luke 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Devil Try Make Jesus Do Bad Kine Stuff

Afta John wen baptize Jesus, Jesus wen go way from da Jordan River. Godʼs Spesho Spirit stay in charge a him, an Godʼs Spirit wen take him to da boonies. Fo forty days da Devil wen try presha Jesus fo do bad kine stuff. Jesus neva eat notting dat time, an afta dat he hungry.

Da Devil tell him, “So, wat? You Godʼs Boy fo real kine? Den tell dis rock fo come bread.”

Jesus wen say, “Da Bible say, ‘No mo nobody dat can live ony on bread.’ ”

Den da Devil take him up on top one high place, an show him all da diffren countries all ova da world in one second. An da Devil tell him, “All dis power an awesome stuff, dass mines, an I can give um to anybody I like. I give you all dis, if you go down on yoa knees an give me plenny respeck.”

Jesus tell him, “Da Bible say,

‘Gotta go down on yoa knees
    An give plenny respeck to God yoa Boss,
    An live an work ony fo him.’ ”

Den da Devil take Jesus to Jerusalem an make him stand on top da high part a da tower on top da temple. Da Devil say, “So, wat? You Godʼs Boy fo real kine? Kay den, go jump down dea. 10 Cuz da Bible say,

‘God goin tell his angel messenja guys
    Fo take care you real good.
11 Dey goin bring you down wit dea hands,
    So yoa feet no hit da rocks.’ ”

12 But Jesus tell him, “Da Bible say, ‘God, he yoa Boss. So no try presha him fo make him prove dat he God.’ ”

13 Wen da Devil was pau trying fo make him do all kine bad stuff, he go way from him till nex time.

Jesus Start fo Teach Galilee Side

14 Den Jesus wen go back Galilee side, wit plenny power from Godʼs Spesho Spirit. All da peopo ova dea in dat place wen hear all da stuff he wen do. 15 He wen teach inside da Jewish churches, an everybody wen talk good bout him.

Da Nazaret Peopo, Dey No Mo Respeck Fo Jesus

16 Jesus go Nazaret town, wea he wen grow up small kid time. Wen da Rest Day wen come, he go inside da Jewish church, jalike he every time go. He wen stand up fo read da Bible. 17 Da helpa guy wen give him da book from Isaiah, da guy dat wen talk fo God befo time. He open um an find da place wea Isaiah wen write,

18 “Da Spesho Spirit from da Boss stay in charge a me,
    Dass why he wen send me fo teach da peopo dat no mo notting
    Da Good Kine Stuff From God.
He wen send me fo tell da prisona guys
    Dey can go free now.
An tell da peopo dat no can see,
    Dey goin can see now,
An tell da peopo dat da odda guys make any kine to dem,
    Dey no goin suffa no moa,
19 He wen send me fo tell peopo da time wen da Boss Up Dea In Da Sky
    Goin do spesho tings fo dem.”

20 Jesus wen close da book, an give um back to da helpa guy, an sit down. All da peopo inside da Jewish church wen look at him. 21 He say, “Wat you guys jus wen hear from da Bible, stay coming true right now.”

22 Everybody dat wen hear him wen talk good bout him. Wen blow dea minds cuz he talk good. Dey say, “Eh, dis Josephʼs boy, yeah?”

23 Jesus say, “Fo shua you goin tell me wat our ancesta guys wen say, ‘Eh Docta! Make yoaself come good! Do da same ting ova hea in yoa own home town, jalike we hear you wen do inside Capernaum.’ 24 Dass how you guys stay! But I telling you, ‘One guy dat talk fo God, he no mo no respeck inside his own town.’ 25 Tink! Dass true dat befo time, wen Elijah stay alive, had plenny widows inside Israel an neva had rain from da sky fo three an one half years, an neva had food all ova da land. 26 But God neva send Elijah fo help one widow inside Israel dat time. He wen send um fo help one widow inside Zarefat town, Sidon side. 27 Same ting, wen Elisha was da talka fo God, had plenny lepa guys inside Israel. But God neva make one lepa guy inside Israel come good, dat time. Ony Naaman, da foreigna guy from Syria, God wen make him come good.”

28 All da peopo inside da Jewish church wen come real huhu wen dey wen hear him talk good bout da foreigna guys. 29 Dey wen stand up, drag him outside da town, an take him on top da hill wea da town stay, fo throw him ova da cliff. 30 But he wen walk right thru all da peopo an go way from dea.

Jesus Make One Bad Kine Spirit Let Go One Guy

31 Den Jesus go Capernaum town, Galilee side. He wen teach da peopo on da Jewish Rest Day. 32 Wen blow dea minds, fo wat he teach um. Cuz he teach wit plenny power. 33 Had one guy inside da Jewish church wit one bad kine spirit dat wen take ova him. He wen yell, 34 “Whoa! You Jesus from Nazaret! Wat you like do to us spirits? Why you wen come ova hea? Fo kill us? I know who you! You da Good an Spesho Guy from God!”

35 Jesus wen scold him. “Shut yoa mout! Let da guy go!” Den da bad kine spirit wen shake up da guy plenny in front dem, an wen let da guy go, an neva hurt him.

36 Da peopo, wen blow dea minds. Dey tell each odda, “Eh! Wat dis? Wat kine new teaching dis? He get power fo even tell da bad kine spirits fo let go da peopo, an dey let um go!” 37 An da peopo wen go all ova da place aroun dea fo tell everybody bout Jesus.

Jesus Make Plenny Peopo Come Good

38 Jesus wen go outside da Jewish church, an go inside Simonʼs house. Simonʼs mudda-in-law had high feva. Simon dem aks Jesus fo help her. 39 Den Jesus go stand by her bed, an tell da feva fo get out. Da feva wen pau. Right den an dea she wen get up, an give dem food.

40 Wen da sun wen go down an da Rest Day pau, plenny peopo wen bring by Jesus odda peopo dat get all kine sick. He wen put his hands on top everybody dass sick, an wen make all a dem come good. 41 An da bad kine spirits wen let go plenny peopo. Da spirits wen yell, “You Godʼs Boy!” Jesus wen scold da spirits, an neva let dem say notting, cuz dey wen know he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.

Jesus Teach Inside Da Jewish Churches

42 In da morning wen starting fo get light, Jesus go one place wea neva have nobody. Da peopo wen go look fo him, an wen dey find him, dey wen try fo make him stay wit dem. 43 But he say, “I gotta go da odda towns too, fo teach da peopo da Good Stuff bout how dey can get God fo dea King, cuz dass why he wen send me.”

44 So he wen teach inside all da Jewish churches all ova Judea side.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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