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Luke 23 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus In Front Pilate, Da Governa

23 Den all da peopo dat wen come togedda take Jesus away fo go in front Pilate, da governa. Dey poin finga Jesus, an say, “Dis guy stay bulai our peopo! He teaching dem bad kine stuff! He say dey no need pay King Cesar his tax. He say dat he da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, an dat he one king.”

Pilate aks Jesus, “Eh, you da King fo da Jews, o wat?”

Jesus say, “Dass right, wat you wen say.”

Den Pilate tell da main priest guys an all da peopo, “I no find notting wrong wit dis guy.”

But dey say mo strong, “All ova Judea da peopo like beef cuz a da stuff he teaching. He wen start Galilee side. Now, he stay come all da way ova hea.”

Jesus In Front King Herod

Pilate hear dat, an he aks Jesus, “You come from Galilee?” Wen Pilate find out dat Jesus come from Galilee, he tell his guys fo take Jesus by Herod. Cuz Herod da one dat stay in charge inside Galilee, an he stay Jerusalem town dat time. Herod, he feel good inside wen he spock Jesus, cuz Herod wen hear bout him an like see him from long time. Herod tink maybe Jesus goin do someting awesome so he can see um. Herod aks Jesus plenny stuff, but Jesus neva say notting. 10 Da main priest guys an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules stay dea. Dey poin finga at Jesus real hard. 11 Den Herod an his army guys make fun a Jesus, an show dat dey hate him. Dey put one fancy robe on top him, an send him back to Pilate. 12 Dass how Herod an Pilate wen come friends. Befo dat time dey stay agains each odda.

Dey Say Jesus Gotta Mahke

13 Den Pilate tell da main priest guys, da leada guys, an da peopo fo come. 14 He tell um, “You guys wen bring dis guy by me, an you say he trying fo make da peopo beef agains us Rome guys. I wen aks him plenny stuff in front you, an I no find notting wrong like you guys say, fo poin finga him. 15 An Herod, he neva find notting fo poin finga him too. He wen send him back. You guys know he neva do notting dat say he gotta mahke. 16 So, I goin tell my army guys fo go whip um an let um go.”

17 [Now, every year, da Passova spesho religious time, Pilate gotta let one prisona guy go fo da peopo.] 18 All da peopo was yelling, “Kill Jesus! Let Barabbas go fo us!” 19 You know, da Rome army guys wen throw Barabbas inside jail befo, cuz he lead some a da peopo an dey try fo throw out da leada guys inside Jerusalem. Barabbas even wen kill one guy.

20 Pilate like let Jesus go, so he aks da peopo one mo time. 21 But dey yelling, “Kill Jesus on top one cross! Kill um on top one cross!”

22 One mo time he tell dem, “How come? Wat kine crime dis guy wen do? I no find notting dat say he gotta mahke. So I goin tell my army guys fo whip him an let him go.”

23 But dey stay yelling da top a dea lungs, fo presha Pilate an make um kill Jesus on top one cross, an dey win. 24 So Pilate say dat Jesus gotta mahke, jalike da peopo say. 25 He let Barabbas go, da guy dey pick, dat wen make da peopo beef an wen kill one guy. An he give Jesus to dem so dey can do wat dey like to him.

Dey Kill Jesus On Top One Cross

26 Den dey take Jesus away. One guy name Simon from Cyrene stay coming from da countryside. Da army guys wen grab him, put da cross on top him, an make him carry um behind Jesus. 27 Plenny peopo walking behind Jesus, an some wahines crying. Dey real sad inside cuz a wat happening. 28 Jesus turn an tell um, “Sistas from Jerusalem, no cry fo me. Cry fo yoaself an fo yoa kids. 29 Cuz da time goin come wen you goin say, ‘Lucky now, da wahines dat no mo kids, da wahines dat neva born kids, an da wahines dat neva nurse kids!’ 30 Dat time da peopo goin tell da mountains, ‘Fall down on top us!’ An dey goin tell da hills, ‘Hide us!’ 31 Cuz if dey doing dis kine stuff to one good guy like me, wat goin happen to da peopo dat not good?”

32 Dey take two crook guys wit him. Dey goin kill dem wit Jesus. 33 Dey come to da place name “Da Skull.” Dey hang Jesus on top da cross fo kill him dea. Dey hang da two crook guys on top da odda two crosses, one on da right side an da odda on da left side. 34 Jesus say, “Fadda, let um go fo dis bad ting dey doing. Dey donno wat dey doing!”

Da army guys throw dice fo take Jesus clotheses. 35 Da peopo stand dea an watch um. Da leada guys fo da Jews make fun a him. Dey say, “Eh, he wen take da odda guys outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in. If he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send fo real kine, how come he no can get himself outa dis now?!”

36 Da army guys make fun a him too. Dey come by him an like give him da cheap kine wine fo drink. 37 Dey say, “Eh, if you da King fo da Jews, get yoaself outa dis, den!”

38 Den dey write,

“Dis da King Fo Da Jews,”

an put um on top da cross.

39 One crook guy dat hanging dea talk any kine to him. He say, “Eh, you da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, o wat? Den get yoaself outa dis, an us guys too!”

40 But da odda crook guy scold him, an say, “Eh, you no scared God, o wat? Dey wen say you gotta mahke, too, jalike him. 41 Us guys get da pay fo wat we wen do, but dis guy, he neva do notting wrong.” 42 An he tell Jesus, “Jesus, rememba me wen you come King!” 43 Jesus tell him, “Eh, you get um! An I tell you dis: Today you goin be wit me inside Godʼs Beautiful Place.”

Jesus Mahke

44 Now was bout noon time, an come real dark all ova da place, till three clock, 45 cuz da sun pau shine. Da big curtain inside da temple wen broke in two. 46 Jesus wen yell real loud. He say, “Fadda, I give you my spirit.” Wen he say dat, he mahke.

47 Da captain fo da army guys see wat happen, an he say good stuff bout God. He say, “Fo shua, dis guy neva do notting wrong! How come dey wen kill him?”

48 Da peopo dat wen come dea fo see wat goin happen see dat, an dey pound dea chests, fo show dat dey know someting real bad wen happen. Den dey go home. 49 All da guys dat wen know Jesus, an da wahines dat wen come dea wit him all da way from Galilee side, dey standing far away, watching all da stuff dat stay happening.

Dey Bury Jesus

50 Had one guy name Joseph. He one a da Jewish National Council guys. He good an everytime do da right ting. 51 He come from Arimatea, Judea side. Wen da odda guys wen like kill Jesus, Joseph neva vote wit dem. He trus God, an stay waiting fo him fo come King. 52 He go in front Pilate, an aks him fo Jesus body. 53 He take Jesus down from da cross, wrap him up inside one linen cloth, an put him inside one cave somebody wen cut inside da rock fo bury somebody, but neva get one mahke guy inside yet. 54 Dat day was da Day Fo Make Ready Fo Da Passova, an da Rest Day almos come.

55 Da wahines dat stick wit Jesus from Galilee side, dey go wit Joseph, an see da cave, an how dey put Jesus mahke body inside. 56 Den dey go home fo make da spices an da perfume ready fo his body.

On da Rest Day dey rest, jalike da Bible say fo do.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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