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Luke 21 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Wat One Widow Wen Give God

21 Jesus wen look up an spock da rich guys putting dea money inside da money box inside da temple. Den he spock one widow dat no mo notting. She put two small copper coins inside dea. He say, “I tell you guys da trut: Dis widow dat no mo notting, she wen put in mo plenny money den all da odda peopo. All da odda peopo wen give dea money from plenny money dey get. But her no mo notting, an she wen give God da ony money she get fo stay alive.”

Jesus Talk Bout How Dey Goin Bus Up Da Temple

Some a his guys wen talk story bout da temple, how da temple get da awesome stones an da odda tings da peopo wen give fo God. Jesus say, “You guys see all dis stuff? Bumbye no goin get one stone on top da odda. Peopo goin throw um all down.”

Jesus guys wen aks him, “Teacha, wat time all dat kine stuff goin happen? An wat kine ting goin happen fo show us wen da time come fo dat?”

Jesus tell um, “Watch out! No let nobody fool you guys! Plenny guys goin show up an use my name. Dey goin say, ‘Eh me, I dat Spesho Christ Guy from God! Da time stay now!’ But no go wit dem. You guys goin hear, ‘Dey fighting an get war all ova da place.’ No bum out. All dat kine stuff gotta happen, but dat no mean everyting goin pau yet.”

10 He say, “Countries goin fight each odda. Kings goin fight each odda. 11 Da groun goin shake. No goin get food, an all ova da place da peopo no goin get notting fo eat. Plenny peopo goin get real sick an mahke. Real bad an awesome stuff goin come dat goin scare plenny peopo. Unreal stuff from da sky goin come.

12 “Befo all dat stuff come, peopo goin bus you guys an make you guys suffa. Dey goin turn you guys ova to da Jewish churches an throw you guys inside jail. Dey goin take you guys in front kings an governas. Dey goin do all dat cuz you my guys. 13 Den you guys goin get chance fo tell dem da Good Stuff From God.

14 “But befo dat happen, tink lidis: You guys no need worry wat you goin say. 15 Cuz I goin give you guys wat fo say, an I goin make you guys akamai, so da guys dat stand up agains you no goin know wat fo say, an dey no goin show proof dat you guys wen do wrong.

16 “Even yoa fadda an mudda goin set you guys up. Yoa bruddas, yoa ohana, an yoa friends goin set you guys up too, an dey even goin kill some a you guys. 17 Everybody goin hate you guys cuz dey know you my guys. 18 But dey no goin hurt you guys. You guys no goin lose even one hair from yoa head! 19 If you guys hang in dea to da end, you guys goin get da kine life dass fo real!”

Peopo Goin Bus Up Jerusalem

20 “Wen you guys see Jerusalem town wit da armies all aroun dea, you goin know dat da time stay near wen dey goin bus up Jerusalem. 21 Den da peopo dat stay Judea side gotta run to da mountains. Da guys inside Jerusalem town gotta get out, an da guys inside da boonies betta not go back to da town. 22 Cuz da time stay dat dey gotta suffa plenny, jalike da Bible say. 23 Goin be hard time fo da hapai wahines an da muddas dat stay nursing dea babies! Everybody in da land goin suffa plenny, cuz God no take da bad kine stuff da peopo wen do. 24 Peopo goin kill some wit swords, an take oddas away. Peopo all ova da world goin make um prisonas. Da peopos dat not Jews goin bus up Jerusalem an walk all ova um, till dea time pau.”

Da Guy Dass Fo Real Goin Come

25 “Goin get awesome stuff fo see up inside da sky, wit da sun, da moon, an da stars. All ova da world, da peopos from inside da diffren countries goin suffa plenny. Dey goin come all bum out, jalike peopo feel wen da ocean pound loud an da waves come wild. 26 Da peopo goin pass out cuz dey so scared. Dey scared cuz dey donno wat goin happen inside da world. Da big powers inside da sky like da stars goin get shake up. 27 Dat time dey goin spock me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, coming inside one cloud wit big power, an I goin be real awesome. 28 Wen all dat stuff start fo happen, stand up tall an look up, cuz da time stay near fo God cut you guys loose from da power da bad kine stuff get ova you.”

Da Story Bout Da Fig Tree

29 Jesus tell um anodda story fo teach um. He say, “Look da fig tree an every kine tree. 30 Wen get new leaf, you can see um, an you know da summa time almos come. 31 Same ting. Wen you guys see all dis stuff happen, den you goin know dat God stay King hea now.

32 “Dass right! An I tell you guys dis too: All dat stuff goin happen befo all da guys dat stay alive nowdays goin mahke. 33 Da sky an da earth goin pau, but wat I say no goin pau foeva.”

Watch Out!

34 “Watch out! No good you guys come all jam up wit too much partying, getting drunk, an worry bout all kine stuff. No good da Boss come back, an you guys not ready. 35 Quick like one trap dat day goin come fo all da peopo dat stay inside da whole world. 36 Watch out everytime, an stay ready. Aks God fo let you get outa all da stuff dat goin happen, an fo let you stand in front me, da Guy Dass Fo Real.”

37 Every day Jesus wen teach inside da temple yard. Wen da sun go down, he wen go outside da town fo stay on top Olive Ridge. 38 An real early in da morning da peopo come fo hear him teach inside da temple yard.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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