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Luke 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Wen Born

Dat time, da king fo da Rome peopo, Augustus Cesar, wen make all da peopo sign up fo find out how much peopo get every place. Dis da first sign up dey wen make wen Quirinius stay governa fo Syria. Everybody wen go back to da town dea ohana come from fo sign up.

So Joseph wen go from Nazaret town Galilee side, to Betlehem Judea side, King Davidʼs town, cuz he come from King Davidʼs ohana. He go ova dea fo sign up wit Mary, da wahine da ohana wen promise fo marry him. She stay hapai. Wen dey stay dea, da time come fo her fo born her baby. An she wen born her numba one boy, an wrap him up inside some cloths, an lay him down inside one ting fo hold da cows food, cuz no mo room fo dem inside da small hotel.

Da Sheep Farmas An Da Angel Messenja Guys

Dat nite, ova dea inside da fields, get sheep farmas taking care dea sheeps. Right den an dea one angel messenja guy from da Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky come by dem. All aroun dem one awesome light wen shine from da Boss. An dey wen come real scared. 10 But da angel guy say, “No scared. I come fo tell you guys Good Stuff From God dat goin make you guys an all da peopo stay good inside. 11 Dis day inside King Davidʼs town, one boy wen born dat goin take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay doing. He da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He da Boss. 12 Dis how you goin know him. You goin find one baby dat stay wrap up inside plenny cloths, lying down inside one ting fo hold da cows food.”

13 Right den an dea uku paila angel guys from da sky wen show up wit da first angel guy. Dey saying good stuff bout God lidis:

14 “Up inside da sky wea God stay,
    He stay awesome!
An ova hea on top da earth,
    If God like wat peopo doing,
He goin make dea heart rest inside.”

15 Den da angel guys wen go way from dem an go back by God inside da sky. Da sheep farmas tell each odda, “Eh brahs, we go Betlehem fo see dis ting dat wen happen, dat da Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky wen tell us.”

16 So dey run an find Mary an Joseph, an da baby stay dea, lying down inside one ting fo hold da cows food. 17 Wen dey see da baby, dey tell everybody wat da angel guys wen say bout dis boy. 18 Everybody dat wen hear dat, stay tinking bout wat da sheep farmas wen tell dem. 19 But Mary wen put all dese tings inside her heart, an tink plenny how spesho dey stay. 20 Da sheep farmas wen go back, an dey tell everybody how God stay plenny good an awesome, cuz all da stuff dey wen hear an see, was jalike da angel guy wen tell dem.

His Name Jesus

21 One week lata da time come fo cut skin. An dey give da baby da name Jesus, jalike da angel guy from God wen say befo Mary come hapai.

Dey Bring Jesus Inside Godʼs Temple‘R’Da Sacrifice

22 Befo time, Moses wen write down inside Godʼs Rules, all da stuff dat peopo gotta do wen one baby born, cuz da mudda kapu fo forty days an no can go pray wit da odda peopo. But wen pau da kapu, da mudda an da fadda gotta make sacrifice, den she can go pray wit da odda peopo. So wen da time come, Joseph an Mary wen take Jesus to Jerusalem fo bring him inside da Temple, in front da Boss. 23 Da Boss wen say inside his Rules dat Moses wen write down befo time, “Bring me every numba one boy fo make him spesho fo me.” 24 An Joseph an Mary wen make one sacrifice cuz dea numba one boy wen born, jalike da Rules from da Boss wen say, “If dey no mo notting, den two doves o two pigeons fo da sacrifice.”


25 Dat time get one guy inside Jerusalem name Simeon. He one guy dat everytime do da right ting an pray. He stay waiting fo da One dat goin kokua da Israel peopo. An Godʼs Spesho Spirit stay in charge a him. 26 Godʼs Spirit wen show him dat he no goin mahke befo he see da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy dat da Boss Up Dea In Da Sky goin send. 27 Godʼs Spirit wen tell him an he wen go inside da temple yard. Wen da fadda an mudda wen bring da boy Jesus inside fo do wat da Rules say, 28 Simeon take him inside his arms an say good stuff bout God lidis:

29 “Boss,
    You wen do wat you wen promise
To me, da guy dat work fo you.
So now you can let me mahke.
    My heart goin rest inside
30 Cuz I see wat you wen do
    Fo take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in.
31 You wen make dis Boy ready fo do all dat
    In front all da peopo.
32 He jalike one light
    Fo make yoa peopo come awesome,
    Da Israel peopo,
An fo show all da odda peopos
    Inside da world
Wat stay right.”

33 Da fadda an mudda wen tink plenny bout da stuff Simeon say bout da boy. 34 Simeon aks God fo do good tings fo dem too. He tell Jesus mudda Mary, “God wen send dis boy, an plenny Israel peopo goin mess up cuz a him. But plenny odda Israel peopo, dey goin come okay cuz a him. He goin be jalike one sign dat tell peopo fo watch out. Plenny peopo no goin like dat, an dey goin talk agains him. 35 Dat goin show wat plenny peopo tinking. An you too, Mary, you goin come sore inside, jalike one sword going thru yoa heart.”


36 Had one old wahine dea dat talk fo God, name Anna. She Fanuelʼs girl, from da Asher ohana. She wen stay marry seven years, 37 an now, she one widow fo eighty-four years. She no go outside da temple yard eva. Day time an nite time she doing stuff fo God, skipping food an praying. 38 Dat time she wen come an tank God, an tell everybody bout da boy. She tell all da peopo dat stay waiting, cuz dey know God goin cut loose da Jerusalem peopo so dey no gotta be jalike slaves no moa.

Dey Go Back To Nazaret

39 Wen Joseph an Mary wen do all da stuff dey gotta do, jalike da Boss Up Dea In Da Sky wen say inside da Rules, dey go back Galilee side, Nazaret town. 40 Da boy grow an come strong. He come akamai, an God wen do good tings fo him.

Da Boy Jesus Inside Da Temple

41 Every year Jesus fadda an mudda wen go Jerusalem fo da Passova. 42 Wen Jesus make twelve, dey wen go da Passova jalike dey everytime go. 43 Wen da days fo da Passova pau, dey wen start fo go home, but da boy Jesus wen stay inside Jerusalem. His fadda an mudda neva know he wen stay dea. 44 Dey wen tink Jesus stay wit da odda peopo dat wen go wit dem. So dey wen go fo one day, an den dey wen start fo look fo him wit dea ohana an dea friends. 45 Dey neva find him, so dey wen go back to Jerusalem fo look fo him. 46 Day numba three, dey wen find Jesus inside da temple yard, sitting dea wit da Jewish teachas, listening to dem an aksing dem stuff. 47 Everybody dat wen hear Jesus, wen blow dea minds, cuz dey can see he akamai da way he wen talk to dem. 48 His fadda an mudda was all shook up wen dey spock him, an his mudda wen tell him, “My boy, why you do dis to us? Me an yoa fadda neva feel good inside, wen we was trying fo find you.”

49 He wen tell, “Why you wen look fo me? You neva know I gotta do my Faddaʼs kuleana?” 50 But dey neva undastan wat he wen tell dem.

51 So Jesus wen go back wit dem to Nazaret, an everytime wen do wat dey say. But his mudda wen keep all dis stuff inside her heart an tink plenny bout um. 52 An Jesus wen grow an come mo akamai an mo tall. An everybody wen tink good bout him, both God an da peopo.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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