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Luke 19 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus An Zaccheus

19 Jesus wen go inside Jericho an stay go pass right thru da town an neva stop. Ova dea get one boss fo da guys dat collect money fo tax fo da govermen, name Zakeus. He one rich guy. Zakeus like see wat Jesus look like, but he no can see um, cuz he short, an get plenny odda peopo dat like see Jesus too. So he run in front, climb one fig tree fo see um, cuz Jesus goin go by dat place. Wen Jesus go by dea, he look up an tell Zakeus, “Come down now, Zakeus. I gotta stay yoa house today.”

So Zakeus come down real fast, an take him inside his house. He stay feel real good inside. All da peopo see dat, an start fo squawk. Dey say, “Jesus wen go inside da house a dat guy dat get bad name!”

Zakeus, he stand up an tell da Boss, “Look, Boss! I goin give half a my stuffs to da peopo dat no mo notting, an whoeva I wen rip off, I goin pay um back four times moa den wat I wen get.”

Jesus tell um, “Da guy dat own dis house, he from Abrahamʼs ohana. Today God take him outa all da bad kine stuff he doing. 10 Cuz me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, I wen come hea fo look fo da guys dat stay cut off from God, fo take um outa da bad kine stuff dey doing.”

Da Story Bout Da Gold Coins

11 Da peopo hear wat Jesus wen say. Den Jesus tell um anodda story, cuz he stay near Jerusalem, an da peopo tink dat God goin come King right away ova dea. 12 Jesus tell, “Had one ali‛i dat wen go one far place fo come king an den come back. 13 Befo he go, he tell ten worka guys fo come. He give every guy one gold coin. He say, ‘Go use dis coin fo make money till I come back.’ 14 But da peopo hate da ali‛i guy, an dey send guys to da odda place fo say, ‘We no like dis guy fo be our king.’

15 But da ali‛i wen come king. Den he come back. He tell his worka guys fo come by him, da guys he wen give da money. He like find out how plenny money dey wen make. 16 Da first guy come an he say, ‘I wen get ten mo gold coins from da one you wen give me.’ 17 Da king tell him, ‘You wen do good. You one good worka. Cuz you wen show I can trus you wit da small kine stuff, you goin take charge a ten towns.’ 18 Da nex guy come an he say, ‘Boss, I wen get five mo gold coins from da one you wen give me.’ 19 Da king tell him, ‘You goin take charge a five towns.’ 20 Den anodda worka guy come an he say, ‘Boss, hea yoa gold coin. I wen go hide um inside one cloth. 21 I scared you, cuz you one hard guy. You take wat not yoas, an you cut da crop dat you neva plant.’ 22 Da boss tell, ‘Auwe! I goin make like one judge. Wat you wen say show you one bad worka! You know I one hard guy. I take wat not mines, an I cut da crop dat I neva plant. 23 How come you neva put my money inside da bank, so dat wen I come back I can get my money an mo too?’ 24 Den he tell da guys dat standing dea, ‘Eh, take away dis guyʼs gold coin from um, an give um to da guy dat get ten coins.’ 25 Dey say, ‘Az not fair, Boss! Dat guy get ten coins awready!’ 26 Da king say, ‘I telling you, whoeva get stuff, dey goin get mo plenny, but whoeva no mo notting, dey goin lose even da litto bit dey get. 27 Da guys dat stay agains me an no like me fo be dea king -- bring um ova hea, an kill um in front me.’ ”

Jesus Go Inside Jerusalem Jalike One King

28 Jesus say dat, an den he go Jerusalem in front da peopo. 29 Wen he come near Betpage an Betany, by Olive Ridge, he send two a his guys in front, an tell um, 30 “Go by da small town ova dea, an wen you go inside um, you goin find one young donkey stay tie to da fence, dat nobody wen ride um yet. Hemo da rope from da fence an bring um ova hea. 31 If somebody aks you guys, ‘Eh, how come you hemo um from da fence?’ tell him, ‘Da Boss need um.’ ”

32 Da guys go, an find um jalike he wen say. 33 Wen dey hemo da rope from da fence fo da young donkey, da ownas say, “How come you hemo um from da fence?”

34 Dey tell, “Da Boss need um.” 35 Dey bring da young donkey by Jesus, an put dea coats on top da donkey, an put Jesus on top. 36 Jesus ride down da road. Da peopo put down dea coats on top da road jalike fo one king.

37 Wen he come near da place wea da road come down from Olive Ridge, all da peopo wen start fo feel good inside an yell good stuff bout God, cuz a all da awesome stuff dey wen see dat show Jesus power. 38 Dey say,

“God goin do plenny good kine stuff fo dis guy!
    He da King dat come fo da Boss Up Dea!
Everyting stay good wit God an da peopo.
    God in da sky, he awesome!”

39 Den some Pharisee guys from da peopo tell Jesus, “Teacha, scold yoa guys! Not good, wat dey saying!”

40 Jesus say, “I telling you, if dey shut up, even da stones goin yell same ting.”

Jesus Cry Bout Da Peopo Inside Jerusalem

41 Jesus come near Jerusalem an look da town, an he cry. 42 He say, “You guys inside Jerusalem, if ony you guys wen know today wat can make you guys stay good wit God an come his friends -- but now you guys no can undastan. 43 Da time goin come wen da guys dat stay agains you guys goin pile up dirt all aroun yoa town fo make you guys stay inside. 44 Dey goin wipe out you guys, you an yoa kids inside dea. Dey no goin let one stone stay on top da odda. Cuz you guys neva like know wen God show up fo take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you doing.”

Jesus Go Inside Da Temple

45 Den Jesus wen reach Jerusalem. He go inside da temple yard, an start fo throw out da guys dat was selling stuff inside dea. 46 He say, “Da Bible say, ‘My temple goin be one house fo pray inside.’ But you guys stay make um jalike one hangout fo crooks!”

47 From den, every day Jesus teach inside da temple yard. Da main priest guys, da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules, an da leadas fo da peopo wen like kill um, 48 but dey neva find out how fo do um, cuz all da peopo like hear everyting he say.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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