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Luke 18 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Story Bout Da Widow An Da Judge

18 Jesus wen tell his guys one story fo show dem dat dey gotta pray everytime an no give up. He say, “Inside one town, had one judge dat no scared God an no mo respeck fo da peopo. Had one widow ova dea inside dat town dat stay come by da judge fo beg him, ‘Please, make tings right fo me! Cuz get one guy dat stay ripping me off.’ Long time da judge neva like do notting. Den in da end he tink, ‘No matta I no scared God an I no mo respeck fo da peopo, dis widow stay bodda me, so I goin make tings right fo her, so she no come no mo an wear me out!’ ”

Den da Boss Jesus wen tell his guys, “Tink bout wat da judge wen say, dat neva like do da right ting. You guys tink God no goin make tings right fo da ones he wen pick, wen dey stay beg him day an nite? You tink he goin take long time fo help dem? I telling you, he goin make tings right fo dem right away. But I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an wen I come back, you tink I goin find peopo dat trus God hea on top da earth, o wat?”

Da Story Bout Da Pharisee Guy An Da Tax Guy

Jesus tell one story fo da guys dat stay shua dey good guys an all da odda guys bad. 10 He say, “Two guys wen go to Godʼs Temple fo pray, one Pharisee guy, an one guy dat collect money fo tax fo da govermen. 11 Da Pharisee guy stand up an pray by himself lidis, ‘God, tank you dat I no stay like da odda guys, da guys dat steal, no do da right ting, fool aroun da odda guyʼs wife, an even like dis guy hea dat take money fo tax. 12 Two times every week, I no eat so I can pray, an I give da temple ten percent from all da money I get.’ 13 But da guy dat take money fo tax wen stand up far away. He no even like look up to da sky, but he beat on his chest an say, ‘God, I one guy dat wen do bad kine stuff. Give me chance!’ ” 14 Jesus say, “I telling you, wen dis tax guy go home, he get um right wit God awready. But not da Pharisee guy. Cuz whoeva make himself importan goin come not importan, an whoeva make himself not importan goin come importan.”

Jesus Pray Fo Da Small Kids

15 Da peopo wen bring dea small kids by Jesus, cuz dey like fo him put his hands on top dea heads an pray fo dem. Wen Jesus guys see dat, dey wen scold da peopo cuz dey wen do dat. 16 But Jesus tell da kids fo come, an he say, “Let da small kids come by me, an no stop dem, cuz da peopo dat get God fo dea King, inside demself dey jalike dese kids. 17 Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Whoeva no take God fo be his King jalike one small kid, he no can get God fo his King.”

Da Rich Guy

18 One leada guy wen tell him, “Teacha, you good. Wat I gotta do fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva?”

19 Jesus tell him, “How come you say I good? Ony get One dat stay good, dass God. 20 You know Godʼs Rules: ‘No go fool aroun da odda guyʼs wife, no go kill nobody, no rip off nobody, no bulai any kine bout nobody, show respeck fo yoa fadda an mudda.’ ”

21 Da guy wen say, “Ho, Teacha! From small kid time I stay do all dat stuff.”

22 Wen Jesus hear dat, he tell him, “Ony one mo ting you neva do dat you gotta do. Go sell all da stuffs you get, an go give da money to da peopo dat no mo notting. Den garans you goin get plenny good kine stuffs inside da sky. Den come wit me fo be my guy.” 23 Da guy wen hear dat, an he come real sad, cuz he get plenny rich stuffs.

24 Jesus look at him an say, “Az why hard fo one rich guy fo get God fo his King! 25 Stay mo easy fo one camel go thru da puka in one needle, den fo one rich guy fo get God fo his King.”

26 Da peopo dat wen hear him, dey say, “If dass how gotta be, who can get outa da bad kine stuff he stay in, den?”

27 Jesus tell, “No mo nobody dat can do um, but ony God, he da One dat can do um all.”

28 Den Peter tell, “Eh Boss, look! We wen leave everyting we get fo go wit you.”

29 Jesus say, “Az right! An I tell you, Everybody dat leave his home o wife o bruddas o fadda an mudda o kids fo God da King, 30 he goin get plenny mo now in dis time, an bumbye he goin get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva.”

Jesus Say One Mo Time He Goin Mahke

31 Jesus wen take his twelve guys by da side a da road, an tell um, “Eh, listen, we going Jerusalem. I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an everyting da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen say bout me, goin happen. 32 Dey goin turn me ova to da guys dat not Jews. Dey goin make fun a me, an talk any kine to me, an spit on me, an whip me hard, an kill me. 33 But day numba three, I goin come back alive.”

34 Jesus guys, dey neva know wat he say. Jalike someting stay hiding from dem.

Jesus Make One Blind Begga Guy Come Good

35 Jesus come to Jericho town, an one blind guy stay sitting an begging by da side a da road. 36 Da blind guy hear all da peopo pass, an he aks um, “Wass happening?”

37 Dey tell him, “Jesus from Nazaret stay pass.”

38 Den he yell, “Jesus! You King Davidʼs boy! Pity me an give me chance!”

39 Da peopo in front scold him an tell him fo shut up. But he yell mo loud, “Davidʼs boy! Pity me an give me chance!”

40 So Jesus wen stop an tell da peopo fo bring da blind guy by him. Wen he wen come near, Jesus tell him, 41 “Wat you like me do fo you?”

He say, “Boss, I like see.”

42 Den Jesus tell him, “See den! You wen trus me, so now, you can see.”

43 Right den an dea da guy wen see, an he wen go wit Jesus, talking bout how awesome God. Wen all da peopo see dat, dey wen tank God an talk good bout him.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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