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Luke 17 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Bad Kine Stuff

17 Jesus tell da guys he teaching, “Tings dat make peopo do bad kine stuff goin happen, but auwe fo da guy dat make anodda guy do um! Mo betta take one big stone, tie um aroun da guyʼs neck, den throw him inside da deep ocean fo drown, so he no can make even one a my small kids hea do bad kine stuff. So watch out wat you do!

“If yoa brudda do bad kine stuff, scold um, an if he come really sorry an pau do um, den no stay huhu wit him, but let him go. If he do bad ting fo hurt you seven times in one day, an he come back by you seven times, an say, ‘I really sorry, an I pau do dat,’ den no stay huhu wit him, but let him go.”

Da Guy Dat Trus God Fo Real Kine

Da guys da Boss Jesus like send all ova tell him, “Help us trus God moa.”

Da Boss say, “If you trus God litto bit jalike one small mustard seed, you can tell dis mulberry tree, ‘Pull yoaself up an go plant yoaself in da ocean,’ an da tree goin do um.”

Wat One Worka Guy Gotta Do

“Wat you tink? If get one worka guy dat plow da dirt fo his boss, o take care his sheeps, wen da guy come inside from da field, you tink da boss goin tell um, ‘Come on! Eat’? No way! Da boss goin say, ‘Make my suppa, go get ready, an bring um all fo me so I can eat an drink. Afta dat, you goin eat an drink.’ Dass wat he goin say. You tink he goin tank da worka guy cuz he wen do wat da boss tell um fo do? No way! 10 Same ting. Wen you guys go do everyting you suppose to, den you goin say, ‘We jus worka guys. We ony wen do wat we suppose to.’ ”

Jesus Make Ten Lepa Guys Come Good

11 Jesus stay going Jerusalem, an he pass by wea Samaria an Galilee come togedda. 12 He go inside one small town, an ten lepa guys wen come by him. Dey stand far away 13 an yell, “Jesus, Boss, pity us!”

14 Jesus see um an tell um, “Go let da priest guys check you guys out.” An wen dey stay going, dey wen come good.

15 One a da guys see dat he wen come good. He come back, saying good stuff bout God wit one loud voice. 16 He throw himself down by Jesus feet, an tell him “Mahalo plenny!” He one guy from Samaria.

17 Jesus wen tell, “No had ten guys dat wen come good? Wea da odda nine? 18 How come da odda guys no come back an tell how awesome God stay, ony dis one guy dat not Jewish?” 19 Den Jesus tell da guy, “Get up! Go! You wen trus me, dass why you wen come good.”

God Da King Goin Come

20 One time, da Pharisee guys wen aks Jesus wen God da King goin come an take ova. Jesus tell, “Wen God da King take ova, no goin get sign notting fo tell peopo wass goin happen. 21 An da peopo no goin say, ‘Eh! He stay ova hea!’, o ‘Eh! He stay ova dea!’. Cuz God awready stay King inside da peopo.”

22 Den he tell da guys he teaching, “Eh, you know, I Jesus, da Guy Dass Fo Real. Goin get one time, wen you guys goin tink, ‘Eh! Fo real kine, I like see Jesus come back now!’ But you no goin see me. 23 Da peopo goin tell you, ‘Eh! He stay ova hea!’ o ‘Eh! He stay ova dea!’ But no listen, no go wit dem. 24 Cuz I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an wen I come back, goin be real quick, jalike wen da lightning flash an make da sky come light from one side to da odda side. 25 But first I gotta suffa plenny stuff, an da peopo dat stay nowdays no goin take me in.

26 “I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an wen I come back, goin be jalike befo time wen Noah wen stay. 27 Dat time da peopo wen eat an drink, dey wen marry an give dea girls fo marry, till da day Noah wen go inside da big boat. Den da big water wen come an kill um all. 28 Goin be jalike wen Lot wen stay. Everybody stay eating an drinking, buying stuff an selling um, planting seed, an building house. 29 But da day Lot wen go way from Sodom, fire an sulfur wen come down from da sky on top dem an kill um all. 30 Dass how goin be wen I show up, me, da Guy Dass Fo Real.

31 Dat time da guy dat stay resting on top his flat roof house betta not go inside fo get his stuffs. Same ting, da guy inside da field betta not go back fo get someting. 32 Tink bout Lotʼs wife! 33 Whoeva try hang on to his life goin lose um. An whoeva give up his life goin hang on to um. 34 I telling you guys, dat nite wen I come, two peopo goin stay in one bed. God goin take one, an leave da odda. 35 Two wahines goin stay grinding fo make da wheat flour togedda. God goin take one, an leave da odda.” 36 [Two guys goin stay inside one field. God goin take one, an leave da odda.]

37 Den da guys Jesus teaching say, “Wea, Boss?”

Jesus tell, “Wen dat happen, you guys goin know wea I stay. Jalike everybody know wea get someting mahke, cuz dass wea da scavenja birds come togedda.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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