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Luke 14 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Make One Sick Guy Come Good

14 One Rest Day, one Pharisee guy wen tell Jesus fo come his house fo eat. He one main leada fo da Pharisee guys. An da Pharisee guys an da guys dat teach Godʼs Rules wen watch Jesus real good. Had one sick guy dat show up ova dea in front Jesus. He get da kine sick dat make da arms an da legs come fat. Jesus wen aks da Pharisee guys an da guys dat teach Godʼs Rules, “You tink da Rules say dass good fo make one guy come good on da Rest Day, o wat?”

But dey neva say notting. So he wen take da sick guy, an make um come good, an tell um fo go. Den he tell dem, “If da Rest Day, an one a you guys get one boy o one cow dat fall down inside one deep water hole, you goin pull um out right away, o wat? No matta da Rest Day, yeah?”

But dey no can say notting.

Da Guys Dat No Try Be Numba One

Jesus see dat befo dey eat, some guys ova dea wen pick da main places by da table. So he tell um dis fo teach um: He say, “Wen somebody tell you fo come da wedding lu‛au, no go sit down by da place fo da spesho wedding guys. You do dat, an den one guy mo importan den you goin come. Den da boss fo da lu‛au dat wen tell him an you fo come, he goin tell you, ‘Give dis guy yoa place.’ Den you goin come shame, an take da place fo da guy dass not importan. 10 Mo betta, wen dey tell you fo come, go take da place fo da guy dass not importan. Den wen da boss fo da lu‛au come, he goin tell you, ‘My friend, ova hea mo betta.’ Den everybody dea goin get respeck fo you cuz a dat. 11 Cuz whoeva make himself importan, no goin be importan, an whoeva make himself not importan, goin be importan.”

12 Den Jesus tell da guy dat wen tell um fo come his place fo eat, “Wen you make one lunch o one dinna, no tell yoa friends, o yoa bruddas, o yoa ohana, o da rich guys nex door fo come. You do dat, an bumbye dey goin tell you fo come dea house, an dat goin pay you back fo wat you wen do. 13 Mo betta, wen you make one lu‛au, tell da guys dat no mo notting fo come, da guys dat no can move, da guys dat no can walk, an da guys dat no can see. 14 Den you goin stay good inside. Cuz dem guys no can pay you back bumbye. But God, he goin give you back someting good fo wat you wen do, wen da peopo dat wen do da right tings come back alive.”

Da Story Bout Da Big Lu‛au

15 One guy dat stay sitting at da table wen hear dat, an he tell Jesus, “Fo shua, da guys dat goin sit down at Godʼs table wen he come King, dey can stay good inside!”

16 Jesus tell, “You wen hear da story bout da guy dat wen make one big lu‛au? He aks plenny peopo fo come. 17 Bumbye he send his worka guy fo tell da peopo, ‘Come on! Everyting stay ready!’ 18 But dey all wen start fo make up story. Da first guy wen tell da worka guy, ‘I jus wen buy one field, an I gotta go look um. Sorry.’ 19 Anodda guy say, ‘I jus wen buy ten cows fo plow, an I goin go see if dey strong nuff fo work. Sorry.’ 20 Anodda guy say, ‘I jus wen get married, so I no can go wit you.’ 21 Da worka guy go tell his boss. Da boss fo da house wen come huhu, an tell da worka guy, ‘Hurry up! Go out by da big an small roads inside town, an bring back da guys dat no mo notting, da guys dat no can move, da guys dat no can see, an da guys dat no can walk.’ 22 Bumbye da worka guy come an say, ‘We wen do wat you wen say, an still yet get room.’ 23 Da boss tell da worka guy, ‘Go out by da big an small roads in da country side an make da peopo come in, so my house can come full. 24 I telling you now, da peopo I wen tell first, not one a dem goin taste my lu‛au food.’ ”

Goin Cost Plenny Fo Be Jesus Guy

25 Plenny peopo wen go wit Jesus. He turn aroun to dem, an say, 26 “Whoeva come by me, an get love an aloha fo dea fadda an mudda, dea wife an kids, dea bruddas an sistas -- an even fo demself too, mo den dey get love an aloha fo me, dey no can be my guy. 27 Whoeva no like suffa fo me, o even mahke on top one cross, dey no can be my guy.

28 “If one a you guys tink you goin make one tower, you betta sit down first an figga out how much goin cost, fo know if you get nuff money fo finish da tower, yeah? 29 If you no do dat, you goin make da foundation, an den you no can make da rest. Den everybody goin bus laugh at you. 30 Dey goin say, ‘Dis guy wen start fo make litto bit, an he no can finish da job.’

31 “If one king going out wit ten tousand army guys fo fight anodda king, an da odda king come agains um wit twenty tousand army guys, da guy wit ony ten tousand army guys goin sit down first an figga if him an his guys strong nuff fo fight da odda king an his guys, yeah? 32 If he not strong nuff, he goin send talka guys fo meet da odda king wen he still stay far away, an dey goin talk so dey no fight.” 33 Jesus say, “Same ting. You guys no can be my guys if you no give up everyting you get.”

Da No Good Salt

34 “Salt stay good. But if da salt no mo taste, no way you can make um work like salt again. 35 Dat kine salt no good fo even da dirt o da manure pile. Ony ting can do, throw um away. If you hear dis, you betta listen!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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