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John 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus an Da Wahine From Samaria

Da Pharisee guys wen hear dat Jesus stay baptizing mo peopo den John, an dat all da peopo wen go wit Jesus. (But you know, Jesus neva baptize um, his guys wen do um.) Wen Jesus wen know dat da Pharisee guys wen hear dat, he wen go way from Judea, an go Galilee side. But fo go Galilee, he figga mo betta go thru Samaria.

He go to one town inside Samaria name Sykar, dat stay near da land Jacob wen give his boy Joseph long time befo. Was bout lunch time. Had one puka fo da water dea, name Jacobʼs Puka. Jesus stay tired cuz he wen walk long way. His guys wen go inside town fo buy lunch, an he sit down by da puka.

Den one wahine from dat place come fo get water. Jesus tell her, “You can give me some water fo drink?”

Da wahine from Samaria tell him, “How come you aks me fo one drink water?! You one Jew an I one wahine from Samaria. You know, da Jewish peopo no like get notting fo do wit da Samaria peopo.”

10 Jesus tell her, “If you wen know wat God like give everybody, an who me dat stay aks you fo water, den you aks me fo water, an I give you da kine water dat make peopo live fo real kine foeva.”

11 She say, “Mista, you no mo notting fo bring up water, an da puka stay deep. So, wea you goin get da kine water dat make peopo live fo real kine foeva? 12 You mo betta den our ancesta guy Jacob, o wat? He wen give us dis puka. Him, his kids, an his cows even wen drink water from da puka.”

13 Jesus say, “Whoeva drink dis water, bumbye dey goin come thirsty again. 14 But whoeva go drink da kine water I goin give him, dey no goin eva come thirsty again. Cuz da kine water I give dem goin come jalike water dat come mo an moa. Goin make dem live to da max foeva.”

15 Da wahine tell him, “Mista, give me dat kine water! Den I no goin come thirsty no moa, an I no need come hea fo get water!”

16 Jesus tell her, “Go, tell yoa husban fo come, an bring um ova hea.”

17 She say, “I no mo husban.”

Jesus say, “Az right, you no mo husban. 18 Cuz you wen get five husbans. Da guy you get now, he not even yoa husban. You wen tell da trut!”

19 Da wahine say, “Mista, now I know fo shua you one talka fo God. 20 Us Samaria peopo, our ancesta guys wen go down an pray to God on top dis mountain ova hea. But you Jewish peopo, you guys say dat everybody gotta go Jerusalem fo go down an pray to God.”

21 He say, “Sista, trus me, I telling da trut. Da time goin come wen you guys goin go down an pray to God our Fadda, but no goin be hea on top dis mountain o inside Jerusalem. 22 You guys from Samaria go down in front somebody an pray, but you guys donno who him. Us Jewish peopo, we go down in front God an pray, an we know who him. Cuz God wen show us Jewish peopo da ony way fo come outa da bad kine stuff we stay in. 23 Garans da time goin come, an awready stay hea now, wen da peopo dat go down an pray to da Fadda fo real kine, dey goin give him plenny love an respeck, cuz dey stay tight wit Godʼs Spirit, an dey know how God stay fo real. Dass da kine peopo da Fadda like fo give him plenny love an respeck. 24 God, he one spirit. So den, da peopo dat give him plenny love an respeck gotta do um cuz dey stay tight wit Godʼs Spirit, an cuz dey know how God stay fo real.”

25 Da wahine say, “I know dat Messiah goin come, da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Goin Send. Wen he come, he goin tell us everyting.”

26 Jesus tell her, “I da Guy, da One dat stay talking to you.”

27 Right den an dea Jesus guys wen come back, an wen blow dea minds dat he wen talk to da wahine. But nobody aks um, “Wat you like?” o “How come you talk to her?”

28 Den da wahine wen leave her water jar, an go back inside town. She tell da peopo ova dea, 29 “Try come! Check out dis guy! He wen tell me everyting I eva wen do. Try check out if dis da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Goin Send!” 30 So da peopo wen go outa da town an wen go wea Jesus stay.

31 Same time Jesus guys was begging him, “Teacha, come eat!”

32 But he tell dem, “I awready get food, but you guys donno wat kine.”

33 So his guys aks each odda, “Wat you tink? Somebody wen bring him food, o wat?”

34 Jesus tell dem, “I doing wat God like, an I goin do all his work. Dass jalike food fo me. 35 You guys say, ‘Get four months moa, den da crop stay ready fo cut.’ Listen! I tell you: Look da fields, cuz dey stay ready fo cut awready. 36 Da guy dat cut da crop an bring um inside da store house get pay fo dat. He jalike da guy dat help da peopo fo trus God. Den da guy dat wen tell um da Good Kine Stuff From God first, an da guy dat wen help um trus God, dey can both stay good inside togedda, cuz now da peopo dat trus God cuz a dem, get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. 37 Az true wat da peopo say, ‘One guy plant da seed an anodda guy cut da crop an bring um inside da store house.’ 38 I wen send you guys fo bring in da crop dat you neva work fo. Odda guys wen work hard, an den you guys get da good kine stuff dey wen work fo.”

39 Plenny Samaritan peopo from dat town wen trus Jesus cuz a wat da wahine wen tell dem. She say, “He wen tell me everyting I eva do.” 40 So wen da Samaria peopo wen come by Jesus, dey beg him, “Come stay wit us!” So he wen stay dea two days.

41 Den plenny odda peopo wen trus him, cuz dey wen hear wat he say. 42 Den dey tell da wahine, “Befo, we ony hear wat you wen tell us. But now we trus him cuz we hear him ourself, an we know fo shua dat dis da Guy who can take all us guys in da whole world outa da bad kine stuff we stay in.”

Jesus Make One Leada Guyʼs Boy Come Good

43 Afta Jesus wen stay dea two days, he wen go Galilee side. 44 You know, Jesus wen tell befo, “One talka fo God no mo respeck inside his own town.” 45 But befo, Passova time, da peopo from Galilee wen go Jerusalem fo da spesho religious time. An dey wen see everyting dat Jesus wen do ova dea. So wen he come Galilee, da peopo from dea wen give him all dea aloha.

46 Den Jesus go Cana town Galilee side one mo time. Dass wea he wen take da water an make um come wine befo time. Now, had one leada guy Capernaum town dat work fo da King. His boy stay sick. 47 Da guy wen hear dat Jesus wen come from Judea to Galilee side. So he wen go Cana town by Jesus, an beg him fo make his boy come good, cuz da boy litto mo mahke.

48 Jesus tell him, “If you guys no see me show you all kine awesome stuff, you guys no like trus me.”

49 Da leada guy say, “Boss, try come, o my kid goin mahke.”

50 Jesus tell him, “Go home. Yoa boy stay live.”

An da guy wen trus wat Jesus wen tell um, an he go home. 51 Wen he stay going home, his worka guys wen come an tell him, “Yoa boy, he stay live!”

52 He aks dem, “Wat time my boy wen come mo betta?”

Dey say, “Da feva wen pau one clock yesterday.” 53 Da fadda wen know dat da same time wen Jesus wen tell him, “No worry. Yoa boy stay live.” Den him an all his ohana wen trus Jesus.

54 Dis da numba two awesome ting Jesus wen do afta he leave Judea side an go Galilee side.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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