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John 20 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Come Back Alive

20 Da first day in da week, Mary from Magdala wen come back to da place dey wen bury Jesus. She come dea wen dark time still yet. She wen see da big stone Jesus friends wen use fo close da place afta dey bury um. But now, da stone stay on da side. So she wen run ova dea wea Simon Peter wen stay, an me, da guy dat Jesus get love an aloha fo, I stay dea wit Peter. She wen tell us, “Dey wen take da Boss away! He no stay inside da place dey wen bury um! We donno wea dey wen put him!”

So Peter an me wen run, fo go da place. Us guys wen run togedda, but me, I wen run mo fast, an come to da place first. I wen bend down, an look inside, an I spock all da linen kine cloths lying ova dea, da ones dey wen wrap Jesus inside. But I neva go inside da place dey wen bury Jesus.

Den Simon Peter come afta. An he go inside da place dey wen bury Jesus, an see da cloths dey use fo wrap Jesus inside fo bury him. Da cloths lying ova dea too. He see da odda cloth dat was aroun Jesus head, all fold up on da odda side. Den me, dat wen come first, I wen go inside too. An I wen see um, an I wen believe wat Jesus wen say befo time, dat he goin come back alive. Cuz us guys still yet neva undastan dat da Bible say Jesus gotta come back alive from mahke. 10 Den us two, Jesus guys, we wen go back da place we staying.

Mary From Magdala See Jesus

11 Mary stay outside da place dey wen bury Jesus, an she crying. An wen she was still crying, she wen bend down, an look inside. 12 She wen spock two angel guys wit white clotheses sitting ova dea wea Jesus body wen stay befo, one by wea da head wen stay, an da odda by wea da feet wen stay. 13 Dey tell her, “Lady, how come you stay crying?”

She tell dem, “Cuz dey wen take away my Boss, an I donno wea dey wen put um.” 14 Afta she wen say dat, she wen turn aroun an see Jesus standing dea. But she neva know dat was Jesus.

15 Jesus tell her, “Lady, how come you stay crying? Who you looking fo?”

She wen tink he da yard man, an she tell him, “Mista, if you wen take him away, tell me wea you wen put him, an I goin take da body fo bury.”

16 Jesus say, “Eh, Mary!”

She wen turn aroun an say, “Rabboni!” Dass how da Jewish peopo say, “Eh, Teacha!”

17 Jesus tell her, “No touch me, cuz I neva go up by my Fadda yet. But go by my brudda an sista guys an tell dem, I goin go up dea by my Fadda an yoa Fadda, an by my God an yoa God.”

18 Den Mary from Magdala wen go an tell his guys, “Eh! I wen see da Boss Jesus!” Den she wen tell dem wat Jesus wen tell her.

Jesus Guys See Him

19 Was da same day Sunday, da first day in da week, an da sun wen go down. Jesus guys wen stay togedda an da doors lock, cuz dey scared da Jews. Den Jesus wen show up in da middle a dem. He tell um, “Aloha! I like yoa hearts rest inside!” 20 An wen Jesus say dat, he show dem da scars on top his hands an his side. An his guys wen come real good inside wen dey see dea Boss. 21 Den Jesus tell dem again, “I like yoa hearts rest inside. Jalike my Fadda wen send me all ova, dass how I goin send you guys all ova.” 22 Wen he say dat, he wen breathe on top dem, an say, “I giving you guys Godʼs Spesho Spirit. Take um. 23 Whoeva do bad kine stuff, an you guys let um go, God goin let um go too. Whoeva do bad kine stuff, an you guys no let um go, God no goin let um go too.”

Jesus an Thomas

24 One a Jesus twelve guys, Thomas, dey call him “Twin.” He neva stay ova dea wit dem wen Jesus wen come. 25 Dass why da odda guys wen tell him, “Eh, us guys wen see da Boss, you know.”

But he tell dem, “If I no see da puka from da nails inside Jesus hands, an put my finga inside da puka in his side, no way I goin believe he alive fo real kine!”

26 One week lata da guys wen stay togedda again inside da house, an Thomas stay dea too. Da doors was shut, an Jesus wen show up in da middle a dem. An he say, “Aloha! I like yoa hearts rest inside.”

27 Den he tell Thomas, “Put yoa finga ova hea an check out my hands. Put out yoa hand, an touch my side. Now, no say you no believe I alive fo real kine. Believe!”

28 Den Thomas tell Jesus, “You, you my Boss! You my God!”

29 Jesus tell him, “Thomas, cuz you wen see me, you believe I alive. Goin get peopo dat neva see me, but dey goin believe I alive too. Dey da ones goin stay good inside.”

How Come Get Dis Book

30 Jesus wen do plenny odda awesome stuff fo show who him, but I neva write all dat inside dis book. 31 But da tings I wen write, I write um so you guys goin believe dat Jesus da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, an he Godʼs Boy. Wen you guys trus him, you guys goin live foeva fo real kine cuz you his guys.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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